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Hygiene advice for men and women


Thanks for the pro tips on how to wipe my ass (metaphorically) . The funky days are over now. @verucassault


Keep your pubic regions clean always. Wash them everyday with water. If you apply soap there then wash it off thoroughly.


Tell me @hiretsunaotaku the method to cleaning your ass. Do you use toilet paper? I'm half serious half joking lol


We Asians have got jets. Super convenient


For males, wash your dick, whether circumcised or not, and if not, wash under to avoid smegma.

For girls, your funny smell that you think it's totally cool and will go on its own and no one will mind to go down on you at all, it's not inviting, you probably have an infection.

Then again, girls can get an infection for whatever reason so it's not super uncommon


Personally I practice manscaping! My girlfriend thanks me for it everyday.

As for cologne and body spray I was an advocate for BOD for Men.

I have backed their collection because they are super effective in attracting the opposite sex, BUT

And this is a big BUT!

BOD as well as other powerful scents though wonderful have a higher chance to trigger another person's asthma.

I learned that the hard way with my girlfriend. Luckily she had her inhaler, but it is worth noting that the type of bodywash or spray can work against you in certain situations.

I still use Old Spice stick antiperspirant but now I aim to just not smell bad or good period.


^Quick follow up to Shon's... Any time a woman's vegana smells "fishy".. I'm sure you've heard the old proverbial stories about this... It's really caused by semen in the event there was no condom/pull out. The pH balance in women's vaginas combined with the horrid sticky man gravy causes this. That smell you're getting are the decaying corpses of your (hopefully) sailors dying at sea. Don't like it? Use a condom bruh.


I find it ridiculous how much more expensive deodorant is for women than men. I stopped buying women's antiperspirant/deodorant 3 years ago. Don't regret it. I save probably $80 a year doing it.
@gabriel_true Been wearing Krakengard for a while. Wolfthorne is kind of feminine as well but I prefer the water scent to the floral scent.

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