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Hygiene advice for men and women

Okay people another discussion on hygiene. I know this is a very uncomfortable topic for some but let’s be honest at some point you want to smell good for someone. Do you however prefer female products or male products. Example would be Garnier vs old spice shampoos or Dove soap vs Irish springs. I prefer using female shampoo over men because it smells better and dove soap is amazing
Tiki *facepalms*
Okay, look. Not many people know this. This is my greatest hygiene advice.
Tiki I’m still waiting on my feet pics xD..
Here is a secret for people who have long hair and come into contact with head lice. You do not have to use expensive shampoo. Simply fill spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol and spray the head with it. Go through with the special lice comb once you feel the alcohol dry. It will kill the lice and eggs instantly. I kid you not, it works in one treatment and costs less than $10. Had to use this trick on my sisters since my hair has always been too short for lice to anchor on.
I like to dye my hair every now and then so I like using brands like Tresemme and Garnier in the long run but shortly after coloring or bleaching my hair I tend to use leave in conditioner. Pretty sure both are in the women's section.
Tiki hit the nail right in the head. End discussion https://i.ani.me/0246/5275/funnykitty.jpg
I was thinking about making this thread after I made my one on perfume/cologne, but I was going to ease into the topic. Hygiene is so incredibly important to me and something people don't grasp is that what works for one might not work for others. I have normal/dry/sensitive skin combo. It's a fuckfest of chaos really. I have to find products that don't dry my skin out but can't have products that have TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING because it could set my skin on fire and inflame my delicate rosacea. Advice tip #1 - Know your skin type(s). Knowing your skin type will then give you an idea about how your scalp and hair will react to your shampoo. Advice tip #2 - If you have oily skin you probably need to shampoo your hair once a day. You will build up oil much faster and your hair will look slick and stringy (gross, in other words). Because I lean on the normal/dry side, I can skip washing my hair a day, the longest I'll go is 3 days max. Arc produces more oil than me so I encourage him to shampoo lots more than I do. Advice tip #3 - The way you smell will influence how people treat you. It is possibly the most complex sense we have since it so so linked to our memories. Wearing antiperspirant is better than wearing deodorant so long as you are bathing regularly. It also lasts longer than deodorant. BONUS TIP - if you are using a deodorant that is not an antiperspirant you probably smell and don't even realize it because the scent wears off pretty fast. If you have a long day, you might want to apply it twice. Advice tip #4 - If you wear perfume or cologne for yourself, I applaud you. I do this as well. But if you are wanting to attract someone, do some digging... some light investigation. Ask the person what kind of smells they enjoy, flowers, anything related to scent. Sounds complicated, but honestly if you are really into someone or want to impress them, you have no idea how smelling like something they like will improve your relationship with them. They will find themselves liking you more and have no idea why. BONUS PRO TIP MAXIMUM AWESOME!!!! - If you find this is too time-consuming, I can provide a couple of sources that regularly review perfumes and colognes that are highly rated and purchased. I have the nose of a bloodhound so I'm very sensitive to smells and ODERS. I would prefer if people smell clean than anything. Sometimes people think they are clean when they are not. Jesus, has someone ever stood in your bubble and you thought, "My god, I can tell they don't wash their junk"? *added Advice tip #5 - If you dye your hair use a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate-free. Sulfates in shampoo make your dye fade faster. Also washing and rinsing with cold/cool water instead of hot/warm will also keep your dye in longer. Heat opens pores of your face and hair follicles as well. For hair this causes the dye to bleed. Use cold instead. *thumbs up*
With the help from all of you, we can all finally put a stop to Con Funk. My god that's the only thing I fucking hate about conventions.
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