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Hygiene advice for men and women


@choicemoonbee When you say you used dawn as a body wash... do you mean dawn dish soap??

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Yup I use dawn in my hair I let it sit bout ten to 15 mins in my hair and then wash my hair with dawn and use it for my body mix with African or coconut butter soap sometimes I use coffee grinds.


Flare: ^^So you hot then?

edited to show flare's comment that he deleted so my below post has context

*How to have a straight girl tell you she's a lesbian*


I use dawn in my hair cause I'm a cook i cook foods fried foods...mostly steak/hamburger/chicken....I'm surrounded by grease for over eight hours a day...plus i stick my head in fryers to clean them and the oils and clean greasy filters every day...so oils...get in my hair daily....makes my hair greasy....very oily hair...and cooks get oily hair from being in a kitchen anyways ask a woman or male after cooking a whole thanksgiving dinner...during the holiday and probably every single one will feel like they need a shower afterwards from the hot sweaty kitchen...it will make your hair feel nasty....but dawn will make your hair feel amazing and gets those oils out quickly and gets the grease out.Plus, its an antibacterial Or can be if you buy that one lol...gets rid of nasty germs on your body..plus it gets rid of dandruff...its god for natural hair..but not to use all the time but you can still use dawn in your hair... Trader Joe’s tea tree tingle shampoo i use as well it just helps it better so i won't have so much oil build up but i don't use dawn in my hair every day i use it just once a week or every two or three weeks in my hair..so it can still regain those natural good oils that hair produce...i just use dawn to get rid of bad oils..plus it helps other products to go into your hair better..


@choicemoonbee i thought you were going a different direction with that at first. I thought you were gonna tie it into you being a snack. But it turned out you were just talking about actually using dawn on your hair

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