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Whats the WORST part of breaking up?

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Fighting and then listening to their bullshit before ending it. It's actually kind of funny how much they've been holding, trying to make you happy, but being irritated at the same time. It's like a sweet release though, that's the good part. Bad part was just hearing bullshit that stung your heart.


the constant threat of violence against you with the exes new partner (just me?)


If your breaking up in high school then the worst part is seeing them pretty much everyday lol. And if you guys had the same friends then the friends might feel awkward about it too.

Oct 11, 17 at 10:31am

having to plot your immediate and swift revenge is quite tedious >w>

Oct 11, 17 at 10:32am

@hanzo, i experience kind of the same, but knew they were meritless (hes a coward after all)

Oct 11, 17 at 10:47am

You know, I actually don't have that much issue with breakups. For me once it's over, it's over. I never really found much point in trying to argue over who did what or why things went wrong, I'd just ask why they want to breakup, get my closure, and be done with it.

I won't lie though, when I'm dating someone I pretty much lay my heart bare for them which is pretty damn big deal for me since I don't even do that with my own family and friends even. So I would still be bitter as fuck for a week or so but I'd be completely fine after. :u

Oct 11, 17 at 1:53pm

The loneliness that comes after. It's worse for the people that are constantly looking for that kind of intimate relationship

Oct 12, 17 at 8:55am

Not having Folgers in your cup.


The feeling that things are actually turning out good in life, feeling like you've found the one, only to be kicked back down for seemingly no reason at all because they've lost all interest in you. Then the feeling of loneliness and worthlessness.


For me, the worst part of a break up is if you actually loved them, worse if you realize that the relationship was bad for you, this is something I (sadly) have experience with. It also becomes worse when you seem to see them on a daily basis just because you happen to be in the same area or cross paths.

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