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Whats the WORST part of breaking up?

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Knowing that no matter what happens, you cannot get them back.

Aug 21, 17 at 6:43pm

Another would be that feeling right before the breakup, you know when it's coming. That's the worst part especially if both are heavily invested in the relationship. Rather it be someone out growing the other person, cheating, sexual incompatibility or the absence of love. The feeling is the same.

You get so used to being in the presence of your partner, it can be tough learning to be comfortable with just yourself.

At this point though..I view a breakup as a chance to be happy and start anew with someone else, if there was a breakup then obviously something was wrong. With that said I know getting over that "First" person can be hard..just don't let the memories/thoughts of that person block you from living life. Don't stay stuck on someone who doesn't want you. All that weight might cause you to miss out on a good relationship.

Anyways for those going through a rough breakup, wish you all the best. I've been there.

Aug 21, 17 at 6:53pm

Knowing the other person never loved you the same way you did for them. Knowing too late that, there was never much of a relationship to begin with. That's the saddest part.

Aug 21, 17 at 8:48pm

agreed vlad ;-;

but then you have to keep in mind that you deserve better :3! you deserve someone who will love you asmuch as you love them! and that person IS out there :3!

Aug 22, 17 at 11:04pm

Having a great mutual friend(s) is a pretty bad one. Tho in my case it worked out pretty great.

Aug 22, 17 at 11:05pm

Idk Vlad, that's the part that helped be get over it faster, and never think about the "what if".


Folgers in your cup! Oh... Oh, you said breaking up. whoops.

Aug 27, 17 at 6:31am

I cant say its hard for me, I understand people come and go.

Alot of the issues that cause breakups are often simple yet we fail to do anything about it. Sure after the breakup you can use hindsight to tell yourself what you should have done.

However regardless of what you should have done it still happened. Emotions always get in the way of reason and you find yourself choosing to do something despite knowing its wrong and hurting you or the other person.

You could restart and try to fix things to keep it going but is that really worth it? Perhaps to you it might be but the question should be asked.

As for the matter of blame its usually thrown on yourself or the other person.

The fault lies on both parties regardless if one did more to cause it or not. Instead of digging a hole and convincing yourself the world sucks right now due to your actions or the other person accept it for what it is. Reflect on it from a neutral standpoint, what did you learn from the relationship breaking apart?

Then move on the world is full of people, and the chances are in your favor of finding other people to connect with if you put yourself out there.

Dependent on how reserved you are about finding somebody along with your own ability to change to gain connections around you.

Aug 29, 17 at 5:12am

Guess i havent wrote anything in this thread ~
Well time to start ~

I guess im just compare and contrast when i was 13 till now ~
Use to i usually cry for 2 weeks straight and have this depression eating me up ~
I would think of suicide and i did occasionally harm myself to cope my feelings with the physical pain and try to balance it out ~
I wouldnt eat but i would talk and smile like there was nothing wrong with me ~
But as i grew and become older and start to look at the world that it isnt happy at all ~
So the more i grew the more i tend to look at men or even friendships with cracks there always gonna be flaws like the world but its up to you to decide wats best for you ~

But thats just my opinion and wat i usually do ~
Most people are different like they go with another person within a day to make there ex jelly ~
Or that they dont care and can be heartless and go there separate ways but its like when that happens you know that they arnt always 100% honest with you during the friendship that progressed into becoming a relationship ~

All in all the worst part in breaking up for me was the pain and that feeling that you gave it your all and it wasnt enough ~
Now i do care but i tend to push my feelings to the side so i can be alone and cope with it myself ~
But everyone is differnt when it comes to breaking up ~

Sep 01, 17 at 3:42am

I have not been with anyone since the break up with my girlfriend 8 yours ago. I still feel dumb and useless. i tried to kill myself with a rope but it failed. The rope that was suppose to kill me broke the fan on the ceiling. Now i can never trust a woman again, i feel used. Now i still have somewhat hope that one day. i will meet the one. i suffer SO DAMN MUCH! My hands can't stop shaking. I still feel sorrow. I work as a massage therapist and i hear so many stories of people ex's how they mistreat them. They try to move on but they can't it's hard for them cause they need someone to talk too. Everyday i see my clients smiling when they talk out their stress and pain. I would feel happy when i help them sort out their problems by talking to me. The pain of saddness takes time to heal for some people. as for me i try to move on but that pain would show up out of nowhere and i would cry and start blaming myself.

Thank you who ever is reading this

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