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What personality type are you?

INFJ: https://i.imgur.com/4MJFBsI.jpg https://youtu.be/y31-o_WdZTU https://youtu.be/zLKeU331Nyc Fear is one of Satan's favorite weapons. It is meant for punishment. Normal is for people who don't have any courage. I had curiousity since I was a baby. I'm vulnerable, but not afraid to get my ass beat. https://i.imgur.com/SJvYd1I.png My INTJ father and big sister cloak themselves while overprotect and criticize me, even while The Lord protects me more than them while I have good amount of faith in Him.
I never really gave a sh*t about my personality type, but according to the test my friend forced me to take I'm INFP-T. Good to know that at least this part of me is special, since this type is supposed to be kinda rare.
A professional douchebag
This is the only one thing to describe me. I found it in the stash XD Funny stuff
This account has been suspended.
A Nugget.
I am a very shy person who is passionate about anime and video games, if anyone wants to be friends with someone like me
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