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Smoking, a major turn off ?

May 09, 15 at 8:44pm
Turn Off. Hate the smell, I also I do a very loud and fake cough if I walk near someone who is smoking. Smoking is gross. I could not sleep next to someone who smokes.
It's a turn off, but may not be a deal breaker. But I once kissed someone after he smoked and I could taste the tobacco. It was really nasty. And I really like to kiss, though.
Turn off it is, I wouldn't want being in a relationship with someone who does that because I'm already tired of seeing my most precious persons in life do that. Is like they may not see it like this but I love them and when I see them doing that thing I just can't help thinking they are slowly killing themselves. I can't stand losing a precious person to cigarettes.
Cigarettes are horrible. But an occasional cigar is okay. I have some. I don't smoke anymore due to health reasons, but if a guy comes over, offer them a cigar. It's a status symbol, a luxury.
May 09, 15 at 10:50pm
It's a bit of a turn off to me for a couple reasons... first being the health risk, even second hand smoke is terrible. I don't want to be around something that's going to jeopardize my health. Second being I think it's a pointless money sink, that money could be used for better things. I wouldn't say it's a complete deal breaker for me, but I would have to really like that person, and I would prefer if they work on quitting.
Lol okay I smoke and I'm very respectful about it I even always ask if it's okay when I'm hanging out with ppl and if they say no I go off to do it. But I love how people are so judgemental, like omg don't you know it's bad for you? I'm sorry no I'm stupid and had no clue! 0: >.> I don't go up to people and point out bad eating habits, and we all know greasy, saturated fat foods will and can cause you major health issues that can lead to death but I dont go up and say that shit. Or stop people at restaurants and say hey alcohol will f*** you up. don't just pick and choose your evils brah! 0:<
Doesn't really bother me.
May 09, 15 at 11:07pm
Sorry no offense to anyone, just stating my opinion, and why it's a deal breaker for me. I don't absolutely hate people who smoke, I just don't want to be around it when they do. It's more so a deal breaker to me for a relationship.
Manny, I'm not even saying this because I too smoke, but I couldn't of said it better. Of course we know how horrible smoking is, but it is quite enjoyable, kind of like fast/junk/processed/sugary/salty/hormone injected/pesticide laced food. We all have a vice or two, I'm sure. Do I advocate smoking? He'll no. However, a cigarette does go well with coffee and alcohol. Smoking is bad.Mmmmmk? Now on to pointing out the flaws of others and demonizing them!!!
Yaasshat Omg thank you! Exactly! Don't just single something out and bash it or ppl who do it and try to defend your shit with cop outs like health issues. Nope sorry your being an ass! ^~^
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