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Smoking, a major turn off ?

if its a turn off why ? if its a turn on why ?
May 09, 15 at 3:31am
Yes, Because I find it disgusting on multiple levels and can't stand being around people who do it.
Meh... I can't stand NEETS either. So, the feeling is mutual. Im not advocating smoking by any means.
Yes. I have suffered with asthma my entire life, and most of my immediate family chain smokes which has caused me further issues with my lung disease. I do not mind if people choose to smoke, that's their choice....but I cannot have it around myself. And I have very little tolerance, biologically, for second-hand smoke.
Turn off. Health hazard. Increases the incidence of cancer and decreases lung capacity in the smoker and those they smoke around.
May 09, 15 at 11:20am
Turn off. I can't imagine putting my tongue in their mouth. Smoking permeates the skin and everything. It's gross. I have a lot of friends who smoke, though. It's their choice.
May 09, 15 at 12:08pm
I know some respectable people who smoke, and it surprises me to learn that they do it when somehow I assume they're not the type to do so. So, I don't judge people for smoking and I don't mind being friends with smokers, but I certainly wouldn't want to be near them while they're puffing a cigarette. It smells bad and it clogs your lungs, end of story.
May 09, 15 at 6:23pm
I'm straight edge so I don't smoke or drink I never have so I'm gonna say turn off
i don't really care to be honest, I don't smoke but I've been around people who do all my life and honestly it's not that big of a deal. if it's their choice, it's their choice, i'm not going to judge.
May 09, 15 at 8:30pm
Turn off, I hate the smell.
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