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33 year old Male
Last online about 9 years ago
Pottsville, PA
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May 13, 15 at 6:32pm
Gym time, Believe that.
Neko-chi™ @yunoxyukki left a comment for Toxic
May 10, 15 at 8:15am
Oh freelance? Hey can i ask a question? Is freelance hard to do? My work is freelance too and idk how to go about that as a career sort of want a steady job but lol freelance is ok i just have to build up a network and then things should be easy right?
May 09, 15 at 10:26pm
I love the silent hill soundtracks
May 17, 15 at 5:06pm
I'll agree with light having the advantage in anonymity and it makes him more unpredictable but I also agree that lelouch has the better resources no doubt I do think miss is more reliable to light that cc is to lelouch and Kira has loyal followers as zero HAD more loyal followers until he was exiled by the black knights
May 12, 15 at 9:31pm
Yeah you know I go pretty hard in Pokemon lol my job to team now is feraligatr,houndoom, crowbat, ampharos, tyranytar and gligar