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Smoking, a major turn off ?

I don't have anything against smokers. I've been living with them my whole life, and while I don't personally smoke (hookahs and e-pens are a different story), I've gotten accustomed to the quirks of smokers. I won't lie, there's something vaguely... attractive about it... for me. I'm a weirdo like that :/
Dated someone who smoked so much kissing them meant I tasted smoke. Blegh. That was the worst. My clothes would smell like smoke, my hair. Loved her to death, but smoking is not any good for me.
Mar 22, 16 at 4:43pm
I've always had a problem with the smell of cigarette smoke while growing up so yeah, it's a quite a turnoff for me. Two of my grandparents smoked and I never liked it, one of them I successfully got to quit. I honestly couldn't say if I'd date a smoker or not but I'd preferably would not like to be around while someone is smoking.
only if they smoke away from me
A turn off....I mean its your lungs I dont care as long as your not puffing in front of my face. But I will remind you of the conseqences everytime you get up to go outside and smoke one. XD annoying yes, but am I right, yes. Do you care probably not XD. So its a win win for everybody.
Yes. Why? The smell is disgusting and if dating and you kiss the other person, it tastes like you're kissing an ashtray.
not at all, I smoke weed and sometimes ciggerates, if they smoke in the house tho...than thats abad thing
i'm the same as daredevil, just as long as they just don't smoke up my pack we're good
Mar 31, 16 at 1:25am
Turn off. I fake cough and be really annoying around smokers. It is a disgusting and gross. It smells up everything and makes food and my drink bitter. It lingers around people. I can't even stand being next to smokers. So yeah it's a turn off.
Uummm yeah im gonna say turn off. I never kiss someone who has just smoked. Its nasty habit and unhealthy and it smells. :S so yeah turn off
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