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Maid Cafe

Doujin King commented on Maid Cafe
Jun 11, 18 at 10:19pm

I have never been to a maid Cafe but it's more sad because here in New York there is a maid Cafe and it makes it worse that I've never been to it and I dated someone that even worked at a maid Cafe.

sephiva commented on Maid Cafe
Sep 22, 18 at 10:40am

I am kind of on the fence about it. I mean it would be cute and the women would be attractive but it might also get annoying. On the other hand it could be a lot of fun.

Manga_bird commented on Maid Cafe
Sep 22, 18 at 11:48am

sephiva, it might be worth trying once? I mean, it would only be for an hour or so, and then you'd know if you like it, and if it's annoying you just don't go back. Win-win.

Jared commented on Maid Cafe
Oct 11, 18 at 2:55am

im going to a maid cafe with friends at kumoricon 2018 its gonna be fun lol

Doujin King commented on Maid Cafe
Oct 12, 18 at 12:14pm

literally a maid Cafe serves you everything that you were seeing an anime with a maid Cafe as they serve you food that is in hard to cook or difficult to make. From sandwiches to desserts and with each made it comes with your Pacific work kind of like how you have a little sister or someone that is mean to you or just someone that is going to flirt with you or someone that is just going to be straightforward with you. If that didn't help you then all I can do is give you this episode of ultimate otaku teacher

Travisemo007 commented on Maid Cafe
Oct 13, 18 at 9:11am

pleasure. and probably..a few babies.. Straight up cover for the Japanese Slave Trade.

Lamby commented on Maid Cafe
Oct 13, 18 at 2:36pm

*puts this here and walks away*

jakekaine commented on Maid Cafe
Oct 14, 18 at 3:13pm

Admittedly I don't think the main attraction is the food as much as the experience.

Why do I say this? The one time I've been in a Maid Cafe was at a convention in Raleigh, NC. I got this little strawberry cake and a coffee, and while it was really good tasting, it was really small, especially with me being a big dude.

But the experience there was the best part! I was seated with three other people, managed to get a pic with one of the maids(for $1), and there was even a live dance performance!

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