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Do you have any questions about Japan?

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Aug 23, 17 at 10:50am

1. Easy way is to come Japan as a student or find someone who has same nationatiry with you and lives in Japan. I think they have more info than me.

2. Olympics may would be the last flower of Japan like fireworks. Japanese has tons of problems to host the worldwide festival, both in the finantial and political proces. People hope that the event evoke Japan great again but it is clear there are too much problems. I hope we can see in 2020. There is a joke the famous S.F. manga "AKIRA" predicts tokyo 2020. It may come true.

3. Now government push "Cool Japan" to get a sightseeners but still mass media often find otakus as a pre-criminals and bashing them socially. However, the impression of otaku totally had changed in compare with 30 years ago. It means more positive and creative. It has both sides.

Aug 23, 17 at 11:51am

Hmm, I see. Well I do have a friend in Japan from my country, she is studying in a Japanese High School to become a pilot. So I guess I should see with her one day when she goes into College.

Anyway, thank you for all the answers :)

Dec 03, 17 at 10:23pm

Hi! Are you a fan of AKB48?

Hello! I humbly ask for your votes~ I need 300 likes to be part of the top 100~

It is about an idol search for the sister group of AKB48 (Japanese idol group)
I hope you don't mind giving a spare time for this child... Thank you so much!

Here's the link:

Steps for liking:
1. Click the RED BUTTON LIKE.
2. A registration form will appear, then click TO OSHI.
3. Fill out the form

Jan 31, 18 at 7:45pm

How does the Japanese view Comics made in the Japanese Artstyles made outside of Japan?

Are any Japanese readers open to it?

Feb 01, 18 at 12:20am

I am currently living in INDIA. I have a dream to get any job in Japan in the field of economics..I am in highschool studying at 12th grade...after highschool it would also be great if I get a chance to study in JAPAN..any help please

Feb 01, 18 at 7:10am


In Japan there are many foreigners' products and art fun. For example, the Marvel and DC series are really famous. I am also a big fan of it. Here is a list of famous cartoons made by foreign artists.
I think manga is fun, but I do not mind where the artist came from.

Feb 01, 18 at 7:25am


Thank you for your question, I am glad to hear about a young man wants to work in economics with my small country. I believe that your first step must be mastering Japanese language, so I do recommend to go to a college or University. China and India are the nation of super power in the 21st century, and Japan becomes a nation like a sunset.
So there are many chances to have an economic relation with Japanese subculture market. The market seeks a possibility to sell their products to abroad. I hardly hear about someone who made a connection between Japan and India. If you would like to be a bridge, there is a chance. I think you maybe the first one who make an Japanese anime market in India. So try to study Japanese.


Hi. Any affordable ways to learn more about Japanese language? I heard that visiting Japan helps you learn fast, even when not in school or online class.

Feb 06, 18 at 12:41am

May be I should invite you to my broadcast as an American Otaku!

Feb 14, 18 at 8:06pm

Are public high schools in japan really violent degenerate thug filled hellholes?

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