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Do you have any questions about Japan?

Jul 16, 17 at 8:58pm

Hey, I was busy in my job. I am not sure that the meaning of "finish your plate". But if it means that eat up your dish, is is polite to anyone. There were exceptions in some historical case like a ling or Samurai lords.

Jul 16, 17 at 9:31pm


Hello, how are you?

1. Osaka and Sakai is nice place. actually I am going to there from now to attend an event of maid-cafe. Kansai region has some places for hiking and swimming but I have not heard about surfing. I think the suitable city may be Yokohama which is next to Tokyo. There is a beach called Shonan the most famous surf place in Japan.

2. I love Pizza in the States! It was so nice. I am sure that you are native speaker in English, you can teach English in Japan. There is a huge demand and chance of native English speaker to be their language teacher. I heard that the foreigner nursing has less incomes. There are programs to visit Japan as a working holiday or volunteer, I recommend you to use these, and try to come and see.

3. I don't think like that. Still Japanese ladies love white cool guys, at least more than me :-p I believe that westerners guy has a good position to dating with ladies more than Japanese guys.
Of course all countries has same problems to the aliens, usually Westerners are welcomed in compare with Koreans and Chines who is next to Japanese and have known each other in complex history.

4. Sure, let me know your e-mail or something like that, but recently I am busy in my studies and job. So I will be late to replies.

Jul 16, 17 at 10:13pm

Hello, sorry to bother you. How would you say the typical Japanese person acts around an out LGBTQA+ person, what is the Queer culture like?

Christoph-san commented on Do you have any questions about Japan?
Jul 17, 17 at 12:14pm

YES I'm a big fan of Shonan beach!

I've considered teaching English, but due to my lack of Japanese language knowledge wouldn't this be an obstacle?
I have a very large vocabulary and my spelling is excellent, but I admit that I'm mostly unaware of correct punctuation so I thought this might be a problem as well?

Aug 22, 17 at 1:37am

I am sorry I was busy for daily stuff. Recently, most of people doesn't care which categories you belongs to, but probably same situation as in the other countries. There are a few population of christians and muslims in Japan so there is less pressure and percecution from them, I think.


Hey! I have a question about Japanese culture!Is 観音 male or female in your country?
You can write in Japanese,I have no problem in reading Japanese texts.


Do you have any advice for first timers in Japan and of course of will you be able to do some tours? And when would be a good time to head over that way? Sorry to ask a lot of questions.=.=

Aug 22, 17 at 11:38pm

1. I would like to spend one year of my life living & working there, what would be needed to achieve that?

2. What are the people opinions on you guys hosting the 2020 olympics, it's my dream to go to those, to see Japan for the first time, as well as the Olympics, also for the first time.

3. How popular is anime as a medium with regular Japanese people, seeing as how you guys account for more than half of animated shows produced each year.

Aug 23, 17 at 10:00am


Aug 23, 17 at 10:21am


1. Now Japan is a cheap country to visit, also the government want to welcome foreigners. I think visitors should use Japan rail pass. This is crazy discount ticket for foreigners. There are many ways to get a discount, it would be great for you.

2. Also I am willing to guide you at Akihabara and Nipponbashi where Otaku place is. Actually I just started to design a company to provide a otaku tour for foreigners with my friends. Which season is good for you is depends on what you want to see in Japan. Summer is humid and hot. I do not recommend you but there is komike(comic market). But if you want to see a summer festival which many anime have a scenery, you have to come in the summer. So it is up to you.

3. If you have ready to visit Japane, let me know your plan. I may would be a good guide for your trip! I live in Kansai areas, so let me know anytime!

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