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Maid Cafes

Jul 30, 15 at 10:21pm

@Janza Wholly what now? When is this happening??! That would be worth a bus ticket....Only if once....one tear.

Jul 30, 15 at 11:51pm

My sister went to a maid cafe and she told me that mostly older guys were there and the food was really good and looked super kawaii just like in the menu pictures.

The maids also did this little 'kawaii chant' and made a heart shape with their hands after serving their food and had my sister and her friend do the same.

An interesting experience and I wouldn't mind going to one of these cafes myself just for the hell of it. xD

Jul 31, 15 at 12:18am

Exactly, I wanna know what the hype is for. It seems fun.

Janza @janza commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 31, 15 at 12:20am

The maid cafe should be coming in October in Seattle. So not too long from now

Jul 31, 15 at 12:28am

Damn, I wish maid cafes came out where I lived when I was still in high school or a bit after that. I would have totally applied for work there, even though many women would see it as me destroying all that feminists hold dear.

Jul 31, 15 at 12:58am

October?!! That's great
Especially because I think that inochan's complete and total ruthless destruction of all feminists hopes and dreams made me realize something. The Portland feminazis and politically pure will probably never allow a maid cafe in Portland.

Edit: Revolution

Jul 31, 15 at 7:36am

I think the Japanese know how to do a good maid cafe but when it comes to Americans they just fuck it up or put the name to shame. I mean people like Mochi Cafe ..I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ASS HERE. But really? REALLY? It's kind of like ridiculous they are actually making a fool of themselves while having fun at doing it in a weeb way. I guess?


Convention maid cafes are great. @ Cat You do make a point. Like in the actual definition maid cafe staff treat their guests as masters while cos playing it up a little to enhance their performance. At otakon though some of them were really just over-portraying but making it fun at the same time. So it can be ridiculous, but the level of it depends on who is doing it.


Yes the maid cafes at the anime conventions are fun. When you go in they greet you with a " Welcome home master" and the food is not that expensive.They even dance with you and let you take pictures with them for free. Also there was a guy who dressed up as a maid. It was really fun

xynox @xynox commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 31, 15 at 2:31pm

I'd love to.. Especially in an Akiba one. They seem super adorable and fun.

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