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Maid Cafes


I went to 2 maid cafes in Akihabara, the popular Mai Dreamin and then one that had a moe samurai theme to it. They were both fun, but as a foreigner that doesn't speak Japanese I had a lot more fun at the samurai one because our maid actually spoke good English and so we were able to actually have a conversation whereas none of the maids at Mai Dreamin really spoke English so it was hard to communicate. So if you're going to one in Japan, your level of enjoyment really does depend on how well you can communicate with the maids.

Aug 04, 15 at 4:18am

I wish that a group would rent out the entire maid section (10+ total) and have a little temporary maid cafe around my area.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge to nonexistent locals.

I would give a discount for that.

Sep 15, 15 at 1:30pm

Anime Expo in California has a butler and maid cafe at their convention each year and the people who work their are from Japan.

cielle @cielle commented on Maid Cafes
cielle @cielle
Sep 15, 15 at 4:31pm

@NerdyOtaku: that's a lie, most of them are not from Japan.

Arc @arc commented on Maid Cafes
Sep 15, 15 at 4:36pm

I dunno. While at conventions I have seen maid cafes, but all of them had unfortunately obese maids. I was never really interested.

However, there is this one place similar to a maid cafe in the little Tokyo part of Los Angeles that is extremely expensive. Rich people go there and order a bottle of wine, and these beautiful women serve them their wine while sitting on their laps. Basically they fetch whatever the customer asks for. At least once in my lifetime I want to go into one of those types of places with a fat stack of dolla bills and get the ladies sitting by my side. I DEMAND MORE SAKI!

Sep 15, 15 at 6:31pm

I went in one, they were all really pretty, and nice. Of course I did go with a host family, so that made things less awkward. I did get a picture with one of the maids. Only foreigners can get them. Sad thing is they don't like pictures being taken at all.

cielle @cielle commented on Maid Cafes
cielle @cielle
Sep 15, 15 at 7:09pm

@Arc: What maid cafe is this? I've been to Little Tokyo in LA a bunch of times, and I've never heard of this.


@Arc I feel like you're talking about a hostess club... those are definitely different, and even though they don't do anything inappropriate it's definitely more of a 'mature' step up from a maid cafe.

Arc @arc commented on Maid Cafes
Sep 16, 15 at 4:11pm

^i think what Ginsing said is correct. I don't know the exact location of the place, but I heard it was this really fine place in a shady part of town. Rich people go there when they visit L.A.

cielle @cielle commented on Maid Cafes
cielle @cielle
Sep 17, 15 at 12:52am

Everywhere's shady in LA LOL

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