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Maid Cafes

Jul 16, 15 at 9:59am

Okay, so a little while ago, I learned about Maid Cafes from a comment on deviantart. And after showing my sister have learned aout Maid Cafes, she said that she would never set foot in one of them.

Now wthat got me thinking: How many people would actually go to a Maid Cafe?

So the question is, would you go to a Maid Cafe given the choice?

Personally, I think I would at least once, just to see what it's like.

LordElricSama commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 16, 15 at 10:09am

maidreamin in Akiba is pretty popular.

Jul 18, 15 at 12:46pm

U can go to a maid cafe at a local anime conversation

darkhorse commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 18, 15 at 12:53pm

There was one in NYC but it closed

Destine commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 18, 15 at 1:04pm

I work at a normal coffee shop, so I think I'd be able to work in one easily. I think the issue is that the focus isn't on the food or the drinks; it's obviously on the maids. So, people who go probably only go once just because it's a novelty. Idk how it'd do, business wise, but I think it'd be fun to dress up, lol.

r0ckthedrag0n commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 30, 15 at 8:08pm

Would like to walk in one in Japan and see what happens.

cabbage commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 30, 15 at 8:13pm

My friends took a trip to Japan and decided to visit a maid cafe in Akihabara. They said it was cramped, overpriced, and the food was bad.

I'm unsure if the one they went to had a positive reputation from the locals.

Jul 30, 15 at 9:34pm

Long Long Time Ago I went to a maid caf is cali one of the girls that worked at the place I got her number and became good pals

Jul 30, 15 at 9:38pm

Not gonna lie: it seems awkward as fuck. <_<

Janza commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 30, 15 at 10:02pm

Personal experience:
I went to one at a mall Malaysia and it was very awkward. I can tell it wasn't very popular because I was the only customer there. The food wasn't great and over priced, and the waitress wasn't very "cheerful". There's going to be a maid cafe coming to Seattle so I'm hoping I will have a better experience when it opens.

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