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ANIME character you want to MARRY with :D


As expected


Haha what do you mean? @sunflower


U always post pictures of I kindof figured

Jul 19, 15 at 7:52pm

If I ever had to marry an Anime character,I would marry Jiro from Kikaider ^.^

I have a huge crush on Jiro and I love him so much ^.^

Jul 19, 15 at 7:53pm

Tomoyo Daidouji


She is waifu #1 though XD any bet yuki will see this and post the same

Jul 19, 15 at 9:40pm

I have way too many that I'd like to marry. Like, holy crap. I really wanna say L, as I love this nerd. He's smart to an insane level, and has so many quirks. But...*LaDIES*, he's got some issues and whatnot, so I'd have to go with someone else. (sorry don't kill me my jokes are lame)
My second choice is Vash the Stampede. I love this giant plant man.


Holo the wise wolf. Something about spending your life with someone who has seen it all and still enjoys the adventure no matter how small it may be is very appealing to me.

DreamMasterMina commented on ANIME character you want to MARRY with :D
Jul 19, 15 at 10:02pm

probably Tsubaki from Soul Eater


Super Sonico

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