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32 year old Male
Last online over 5 years ago
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aoiii_14 @aoiii_14 left a comment for Testarossa
Jul 05, 17 at 8:48am
michaelw @michaelw left a comment for Testarossa
Aug 21, 15 at 7:40am
Oh yes. The place is amazing. Its a bookstore that takes up an entire city block. And it like three floors.
Jul 31, 15 at 7:34pm
In that respect, when I share my true thoughts people just hate me. It might be because I come of brash, but if you pay attention one can see there is a difference between malicious and direct. It's easier to take lies or twisted truths than plain as day facts. At least that's how I perceive it. You are quite the character.
Greetings MO! As a random drop event I will be hosting a MaiOtaku 4th of July "Party" on my personal Discord Server for those of us who live away from friends and family who just might want a friendly voice or people to talk to on this dull and slow burning holiday. So if you are not doing anything exciting, leave a reply here or send me a direct message. I will send you an up to date invite to the server. Come meet some of your fellow MO members, mix, mingle, make friends. That is what its all about after all. Happy 4th of July MO! ~Tessa
I have missed MO a bit more than I probably should have, and after a bit of personal life shenanners I have returned. I originally joined this website after my ex and I had our first major disagreement and she moved out very briefly, in that time I ended up making friends with and connecting with several members of MO that helped me through that time. It would end up that she and I would get back together for another two years before the relationship would hit its actual critical mass. So here I return again. So that is where I have been, here is where I am going, Hello MaiOtaku, you may call me Tessa. I'm a 26 year old man who enjoys a calm lifestyle, relaxing activities, and overall peace in my life. I'm into the staples. Anime, video games, manga, fantasy novels, etc. But I'm also an avid researcher and scholar, I am always looking for people to share a good conversation, or to give back what I have learned to others. MO to many people isn't the best "dating" website, namely due to the population imbalance, but personally it seems rather ideal. If anyone here is looking for their "Last" partner, then making friends and forming a family within them is going to yield that much more reliably than a from the hip dating website will. If you have read everything I have written then I commend you for not TL;DR'ing me. Friends and people of genuine, transparent quality are what I need in my life. If you need a blunt, earnest, and loyal person in yours...then reach out. We can always use another friend and we can never know just what that person will bring into our life. I'm back MO, and I've missed you. ~Tessa
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