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Last online almost 8 years ago
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chimerayuri @chimerayuri left a comment for edveloso
Jun 17, 16 at 6:36am
Hello how was New Hampshire treating you? I have a friend who's interested in moving there which is why I am asking
e_bon @e_bon left a comment for edveloso
Jan 11, 16 at 7:26pm
I remember watching Ultra-man on TV when I was very little. What a blast from the past. Ever watch Galaxy Express 999, or Star Blazers(Space battleship Yamato)?
Jan 10, 16 at 8:51am
On vacation in Florida escaping the New England rain storm and cold weather
I noticed you have a DeviantArt account too and you read the 1st episode of Kawaider ^-^ What do you think about it so far?
Konnichiwa and sorry I haven't been on Mai Otaku in a while due to being busy with work and such.I made a Kikaider fan fiction story called Sweet Android Kawaider which is a Magical Girl Anime. It's about an Autistic school girl named Eri Amano and keeps getting bullied by her classmates as the teachers treat her like she's low functioning. She wishes she was normal no Autism until she meets Jiro and falls in love with him. She then sees Dr.Komyoji and gets changed into an Android named Kawaider. Eri carries a keyboard just like how Jiro carries the guitar and uses the Gemini Compact to change into Kawaider.She also has a pink panda mascot named Higuma and a Robocon style robot named Tamamko with white glove mechanical hands to tickle and take care of Eri. I tried posting the Kawaider story here a few months ago,but it wouldn't let me due to the too much word policy.Here's the page to my Deviant Art account. edveloso.deviantart.com Look under gallery and you can see Kawaider episodes 1-9 and I just uploaded some Kawaider drawings today.