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We are entering a massive technological revolution

@yaasshat I think we are starting to get into some grey area here. The creator of Neuro Sama literally had to create a button that commands her to sing because he can't any other way. I saw his dashboard of how he interacts with the AI during a stream. It's literally just buttons to tell her to stop saying things or sing. I'm really surprised an AI like this isn't a bigger deal in news outlets.
Thing is, with this type of tech, the grey gets more black and white VERY quickly, relatively speaking. I remember when they used to estimate that we'd reach a technological singularity by 2030. Seems there may be an ounce of truth to that.
Well, as you both may recall, I do all that spiritual stuff. And I don't think I can answer that. To tell the truth, I think an AI would be able to develop a soul a lot faster than a thought form entity could. Part of imprinting an object like a doll or even just a mass of stagnant energy with an identity involves you or a group of people to anthropomorphize it in some way. You know, see it as real, give it a name and shape it to your real world beliefs. What could trick you into thinking that you are interacting with a human faster? 1: An unseen force tearing up your kitchen. 2: An AI V-Tuber. But just having a soul. Is that enough to be considered alive?
@chocopyro Isn't there a difference between soul and spirit? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a soul have more to do with the corporeal? If spirits are a thing, I don't think it'd be the same for something electronic. But, then again, we are just biological machines with a biological computer in our head. Guess you'd have to truly define what a "spirit" is.
Alright, so to understand my point of view of this, there are four spectrums of reality. Mind, Astral, Etheric, and physical. Mind is what you think it is. That's tied to the cognitive brain, and overlaps into the other spectrums of reality as well. The soul is the aspect of the mind within the Etheric spectrum or reality. Think of that like the brain for the etheric part of your body. It doesn't feel things the same way as the physical body, but you can in fact see it with your physical eyes (With practice) which leads me to believe that the etheric and physical bodies do overlap. So you're not wrong by thinking of it as tied to the body. As for astral, that's where minds overlap. And its where Thought Form entities and Ergregores are born. Those are the entities we manifest with belief. If something gathers enough energy in the astral, it will start to spill over into the etheric plane, and if it stakes out a living there long enough, it can develop a soul. Also, there are a lot of entities that live in the Etheric spectrum that have probably never lived a mortal life. But I prefer to demystify this stuff, so think of the etheric as a semi-coporeal eco system. A lot of the native inhabitants tend to behave like the local fauna here. Not like a 1 to 1, but the idea of competing with other things for energy does carry over.
Interesting and I could VERY easily go down a rabbit hole with questions, but I get the gist and how it applies.lol
One of my classes requires us to use chatgtp and has topics on AI so it seems like universities are already taking advantage of advancements in AI
@yaasshat Yeah, just for the record, careful if you do. I'm by no means an expert. I just have a more mechanical understanding of spiritual stuff than your average medium. But that's a difference between the occultist and the mystic. Just fall back to Anomalistics if the scientific method cannot be applied. And unless your own experiences start stacking up, think of it as a world view. None of us hold all the answers. Anyways, back on topic.
good ai generated music. https://gotorecords.bandcamp.com/album/fictions
Still waiting on those AI Waifus
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