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Religious rants

Jan 29, 23 at 12:24am
Is this a place for rants about any religion?
Jan 29, 23 at 4:58am
I can literally see how my body functions, inside and out. CTs, MRIs,ex-rays, sonograms...etc are an amazing thing just for the internal visual part and lets not forget being able to watch a baby literally develop, too. lol Oh and we can sorta make and store pure oxygen.....soooo....Youre right,cant be seen and thus must just be a belief. lol Faith is about belief in the unknown. Otherwise? it would be called fact. You can no more show me your god than I can show you mine and Im very much ok with that fact. My son can prove to himself that Santa exists{Dude was a real guy at one point, though. Though, he wasn't magical,sadly...lol}, too. Your BELIEF is not bad, though. Again, if it makes you a better person and hurts no one, enjoy your "faith". MANY people around the world have faith in a particular deity and have for eons. Are they wrong because you simply dont "believe" in them? Thats rhetorical. Your logic as to why you believe is super flawed, but you do you. Did you know that the same area of the brain that makes you "feel" god also gives ya that same feel good {god} feeling when listening to music? Makes sense that music is so central to religion, huh? Personally, I wouldn't rely on feelings for something like that, but I have no right to tell another how or why to believe anything. Please tell me how the catholic church is flawed? Tell me why the reformation happened and what was before Catholicism. Catholicism was literally the first and oldest sect of Christianity, Also, know your book. Money isnt the root of all evil and thats not even what it says, it says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Next you'll tell me its says not to judge others{ It does not say that. lol}. Just a side note... Just because I dont adhere to your particular flavor of faith does not mean Im an Athiest. Your god does force. "Believe or be damned...but I looooooooove you even though i can not stand you and you're disgusting because of sin which is why I died for myself to save you from my own wrath,but only if you believe! *smooches*" An abused wife often convinces her self just how lucky she is, how much she is loved and how she deserved to get beaten, just saying
Jan 29, 23 at 6:03am
I would say something, but Goddamn yasshat giving pandus a whoopin! I wanna be nice. I don't don't wanna dog pile pandus. OMG! Me being nice! How can this be?! Maybe God whispered into my ear "STFU you heretic". That or maybe because a jerked off like 10-15 min ago and the Serotonin is still in affect. Making me feel nice and relaxed xD. Which is it? IDK, what's god telling you in your heart?
Jan 29, 23 at 10:13am
One of my religions classes in college talked about the Argument of Evil. One of the best presentations and discussions. "Is he [God] willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then is he impotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Whence then is evil?"
Jan 29, 23 at 10:22am
Here are some flow charts that help explain the problem. Also, this is just me being interested from a philosophical stand point. I don't have any issues with people who are religious so long as they do no harm to others and try to live harmoniously with people who believe different.
I'm a Roman Catholic...And I don't have probs with my faith or with other people's faith...Just like what Veru said so long as there's no harm inflicted...This comment is probably not related to the thread at all...But...I am aware that my religion is flawed and lately because of Tiktok I see videos that talk about the secrets Vatican is hiding or whatever stuff related to that...So if you guys have stories/Knowledge/or whatever you can share w me Im pretty open with it hahahaha Id be f interested to know stuff...Also no matter what I hear or see with regard to my religion...whether these facts or theories shake my faith or not...I think I am pretty firm with the belief that there is at least a Creator or a Higher Being responsible for everything, and my love for Mary stays no matter what.
First off he completely walked around my point you on your own cannot see oxygen nor inside yourself but you believe it exists because with technology you can. So if you could not see it would you believe it exists? Same can be said for god. Many people thought the world was square and you would fall off the planet if you sailed too far in one direction back before someone came up with the brilliant idea the world was round. I bet you believe that as well the earth is round, why because you have been taught this because you can see the globe and people were able to prove this. But you yourself have never seen the earth being round, yet you believe it is. That was exactly my point but you listed off ways you can see yourself without actually addressing what i said. You have no proof god doesnt exist, yet there are so many people who believe god does exist why? Because they feel they have proof so all these people are just crazy then? What makes you think you are some person who knows it all and can dismiss god? We are talking centuries of people worshipping an almighty being, compared to your single life who argues he doesnt exist. Tell me which one is more unbelievable. I feel alot of religions try to do the same thing and worship A God but its just not THE God. Do i think they are wrong? No i believe they are trying to practice a form of faith and im not trying to bash a specific religion. I only mentioned Catholicism as the pope recently came out and said alot of things that at one point was not ok. In the past homosexuality was frowned upon but all of the sudden the pope says its ok so you guys are gonna go to heaven now because the pope has that kind of power. The catholics have days dedicated to saints and all these other things which is basically the worship of a false idol. Its almost like they worship some random person on the same level as god. They cant all be god. Not to mention the church hiding alot of evil things behind the scenes there is a reason religions branched off from it. Alot of points in islam also match up with the other 2 religions, and if you look at some of these religions they are all the same but i mean they have one part or more parts that differ. I wont delve too deep into the other religionz as i only have been somewhat close to them but not as much as christianity.
Also for the god knowing evil exists but not stopping it. I dont have the answer, why did god put the tree with forbidden fruit and tell them not to eat it but allowed satan to tempt them? Who knows maybe it was part of his plan, maybe he foresaw this, maybe its to weed out people who conspire against him, maybe we are all angels being tested before they eyes of the lord and he wants an army of those who only are the purest of heart despite the fact we are made to sin. I dont have that answer, if i did i would be god, and i am not god so how can i know?
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Jan 29, 23 at 1:27pm
That's what these arguments typically fall back on, is the argument of free will. We can exchange the word "evil" for "sin" because sin is arguably evil. You would still wind up in the same cycle of arguments. Ultimately, I don't even see this as proof of anything, its just an interesting concept to talk about. Faith that requires proof isn't faith at all. That defies the meaning.
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