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Religious rants

So im making this thread because i am noticing a trend where it seems that religion is dying out and the world is becoming one that is without god. I am noticing alot of instances where it seems people are walking away from religion entirely and the world has become alot more evil because of it. This is mainly to rant about the ongoing religious warfare going on. --------WARNING------- This topic may cause alot of negative viewpoints to be exposed, this is mainly for discourse and news updates. If you take offense to anything religious please refrain from the thread.
https://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/comments/10nfnqv/us_will_no_longer_have_christian_majority_by_2070/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share So i saw this in an atheism thread on reddit, im not exactly part of that subreddit it just got reccomended to me. I have recently converted back to Christianity after abandoning it altogether due to finding all religions bogus. But something happened to me i stumbled upon a video that explained everything i had been feeling such as the emptiness and constant feeling of eternal suffering that awaited me in death and was born again. Now i see this trend happening alot, alot of Christians have been declining in numbers, it made me think why is this? Why is it that Christianity is attacked the most. No other religion faces as much scrutiny as christianity. If you talk of islam you are cancelled, if you talk ofbjews, or pagans, or any other religion you are literally cancelled. But never Christianity. Christ the main figurehead of the religion revered as god himself is depicted in every form of media as a laughingstock. The butt of every joke. But the prophet Muhammad which is considered by another religion as their figurehead you will literally be cancelled for mentioning. Why is this? It has lead me to believe christianity is the one true religion and is under constant attack by forces of evil. The chuch of satan is able to practice in schools one schopl even offers afterschool activities with the church of satan. But christianity is banned from all public schools it feels like. Its almost as though people are actively trying to get rid of christianity.
Now those of you who are atheist probably see believers in christ as some conspiracy theorists. But those who believe can see the signs that god exists. God speaks to you if you listen. People who think things are coincidences, how many coincidences can happen in a row before you believe maybe this is weird? I will give a perfect example that happened to me. I was asked to come in to work to fill out some paperwork. It is -20 degrees outside and i dont have a car. The uber i am taking to get into my base cannot enter. Im basically stranded walking in the snow keep in mind its like knee deep and a guy offers me a ride he happens to be going where im going and knew i was military as he is an army dude himself. He guves me a ride where im going. Ok but now i need a ride back home the uber i paid $12 to get to where i was going is now $70-120 so i decided to walk again. Still cold hands freezing, but now my coworker spots me. Now you can think its a coincidence. But how did she see me? Its picth black outside and she lives in the opposite direction of where i was walking. It just so happened she saw me while driving to get some thing for her bf. In that moment the odds of that happen is probably crazy. But things like this happen, have tou ever been struggling really bad and not know how you will get out of this situation? Then miraculously some money appears when you need it, or the answer comes from a strange place, or someone gives advice you never thought of? God looks for you even when you dont look for him. Alot of people like to call Christians conspiracy theorists and the main talking points is why does this kid die young or why do some people suffer. The real answer is we dont know, we dont know why god does what he does. But everything happens for a reason. All your choices lead you to where you are but god gives you a path to walk on. Its up to you to followbit or not. Yeah it may be challenging at times but thats him testing your faith for all believers and for the non-believers its also to make you stronger as a person. Everything you do in life is a lesson. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road. Now you should know next time that if you do this it wont happen again. For me in my military career therebhas been times where i cursed god for putting mebin the spot that i am ij. But then years later i have noticed it actually helped me later on. He was also testing me, would i blindly believe he did it for good or wouldbi curse him as i did. I cursed him not knowing why i was there why i was suffering. But nowbim smarter and can solve that problem in the future. I can also help those who havent been there also solve that problem because i went through it.
Also if you are here reading all this, god has lead you here to read this exact post. Out of everywhere on the internet you ended up here. Some may ignore thisbpost, some may not even see it. But you chose to click on it. We are all smart if you think hard enough you will find the answer.
Or people are going to other religions too.
I know this is a serious thread and I am trying exceptionally hard to not make a Father Pucci joke... allow me to do so, I beg
Jan 28, 23 at 6:44pm
Sooo...Since Christ is the butt of most religious jokes without consequence, that must mean Christianity is true? huh...Remember this from your book? " There will be many that come that day and say Lord, lord! I knew you!" and I will say " Begone, for I knew you not." and lets not forget this one, too. " If you are lukewarm, I will spit you out." Point being, ya gotta be stronger, bruh!!! Candles that burn the brightest often burn out the fastest. Oh and by your logic, god has led me to pornhub many times.XD If god is control of everything, why should any be damned? Either there is free will or there is not and a god who knows and plans all, leaves exceptionally thin room for free choice. You chose an inherently controversial topic. god did nothing that curiosity and controversy didn't already do. However,if religion makes you a better/healthier person, rock on brother.
False, god has not led you to pornhub temptation has. God does not lead people into temptation so that argument is false. The devil wants you to commit sin because it goes against the will of god. Im not saying the devil has whispered in your ear and made you click on that website but he works in other ways in order to get you to commit sin. Why do you think such things exists, it invokes the feeling of lust one of the seven deadly sins. Also Christianity being the butt of all jokes isnt why i believe its the true religion that is simply cherry picking the active snuffing of the religion as a whole while other religions remain untouched. A man wearing a jesus saves shirt will be harassed for it being "offensive" and just like in the bible it says the persecution of Christians is bound to happen "if the world hates you, remember it hated me first". People turn on those who are Christian but islam remains as strong as it ever has. Remember my comment about the prophet Muhammad. God does not force people to follow him as that is not love and god loves you, jesus loves you. Even when you dont love him. Thats why you arent force to do what he wants you to do. He simply guides you if you dont follow him then he cant help you. You can lead a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink.
Jan 28, 23 at 10:02pm
says who?lol God literally let Satan tempt Job in a sort of spiritual chess game. XD If god knows all and plans all, it is responsible for all. lol If i drive someone to a bank and they rob it Im what? An accomplice. As for love? It literally murdered most of humanity in a supposed world wide flood{ No evidence, by the way}, even unborn children. God cant help save me from his own wrath? lol HE MADE HELL AND SATAN. lol But, I know, all works are as dirty rags, right? Christianity has had its hay day for centuries. Hell, there was literally a Pope who was a pirate. lol However, you're a protestant and thats the dogma you're coming from,right? You do know protestants are a relatively new sect, right? I mean, things as simple as the birth of Christ... You do understand he wasn't born in December and that Easter was a pagan holiday for a pagan fertility goddess, right? I mean, eggs and rabbits . lol The seven deadly sins? Really? That was a fictitious writing by Dante Alighieri .lol
While yes God does bare his wrath on us in the past. Such as with plagues and flooding the earth. Im not about to make him out to be a being all about rainbows and sunshine. He is an almighty being and the stories from the bible are not those butterflies and unicorns. He has asked people to sacrifice their own children he has said he will allow armies victory in pursuit of the promised land. Im aware of all of this and i had a very hard time even piecing together any of that. Thats why i abandoned all religion in the first place. Churches preached money is the root of all evil yet beg for it, christianity was sort of a branch off of Catholicism which imo is evil. The Catholics preach for stuff that goes against what the bible tells us about idols and how a single man can free us of sin by confession. But as i said before I am not god, nor do i know why god does what he does. Why does god not kill satan? Why does god allow all that has come to pass. The answer is i dont know. And you can say well thats just blindly following something that doesnt exist. I can prove god exists to me, but can you prove he doesnt exist? Those who claim a god doesnt exist how can you be so sure? Because you cant see him? Because you cant touch him? You cant see oxygen yet you breathe it, you cant see how your body functions yet you live. You can point to scientific advances and how with technology you can see that now. But what if you just havent found the way to see god, to feel his presence?
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