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Predictions on Derek Chauvin Trial.


I think they werent even gonna arrest himbin the first place but only did so because of the public. But you know its only a matter of time.

Apr 19, 21 at 3:52pm

I believe he will be convicted of second degree manslaughter. I think the defense's closing argument was very weak but I only have a small snapshot of the trial.


Well i havent been keeping up but on one hand we have the coroner saying it was death by drug induced cardiac arrest, there was evidence of a chewed speed ball drug but there is also a pic of his foot being off the ground applying full force on the neck. If someone cannot breathe they shouldnt be able to speak. Idk tbh i think he is gonna be inno. They are going hardcore.


Based on evidence it could go either way but I'm looking forward to Rodney king 2: electric boogaloo. Would hate to live in the inner city rn


Rei @reisenpai66 That so much.
Also we have stupid fucking congresswomen getting people riled up.
This is much worse than Jan 6th by any measurement.


He will be guilty mostly because of the social pressure on society rn that is tilting in the balance of chaos and less chaos


There definitely must to be heavy juror pressure and half the time i see a clip, it feels like its trying to pull at the heart strings. Sucks tax payer money goes to this circus act.

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