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Predictions on Derek Chauvin Trial.


Even if they somehow let him out the public will get to him


If that happens i wanna see what our government does. Because a group of people collecting to murder or harm one individual is huge


oof, none of this aged well

i don't think he deserved the charges, I don't think he intended to murder the guy, it was negligent homocide. it was likely them making an example out of him

that being said, no sympathy for the guy. he should never have been a police officer, he had a complaint for nearly every year that he has been a cop, and his precinct should have fired him by now


fuck nancy palocy and all of the other cringey politicians that are trying to make his death into anything more then a meaningless casualty to a broken system

the officer didn't necessarily deserve the charges, and George floyd absolutely didn't deserve to be killed

that's all there is, but at least an officer was held accountable. hopefully this trend continues (not having the book thrown at them like chauvin though)


100% agree with you, surprisingly :p

I definitely think the media is all over cops now though trying to make a buck off tragedies (as per usual). I know a lot of people are leaving/not joining the police force now, and a lot of existing police are too scared to go to work. probably resulting in them being on edge and causing some trigger finger or something. I dont think this spotlight is doing any good for anyone.

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