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Predictions on Derek Chauvin Trial.


"When George Floyd’s girlfriend of nearly three years took the stand in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial Thursday, she revealed, through tears, that the slain Black man’s “pet name” for her was “mama.” That’s what Floyd called out multiple times as he lay dying in the street last May."


So dude wasnt even calling for his mother that died recently. They made it seem like such a heartbreaking story of a dude calling out for his mother as he was dying. Dude was just calling to his gf. Media painting narratives again bro.


Media gains profit from planting narratives.......that's what they're best at....


Time for round two, mistrial edition


Idk how true that statement is though because that would mean that person lied under oath which means they go to jail


All of this could have been avoided. Chauvin was gonna take a plea deal for third degree but they bullied the judicial system into bumping up the charge.


Yea, dont think he has a chance no matter what he does.

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