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Political rants

Dec 29, 21 at 3:15pm
Yea all issues stem from govt to some degree.. Also i agree people can learn shit online.. thats why im more for certs than degrees if anything.. i like elon's stance on school for sure
@hell_hound7 With education, if it was "free"; there would no longer be a mad rush to only go after you graduate high school. People need time to figure out what they really want to do and are good at in life. Also having to pay a lot of money created a scarcity for education...and then people looked at that and said, "I want that! I want to send my kids to college so they can then have a better future." We already know that this notion is no longer true and I think the upcoming generations are feeling it even more. If you take away the scarcity and allow those who truly want to pursue a further understanding in a certain topic; you theoretically would get less people wasting the money to go. We already pay grants for those under a certain income level to go for free, so why not everyone who legit wants more knowledge and have the capacity to learn? There ofc would have to be a restructuring of the system on many levels, and there needs to be. With healthcare, you're already paying for my and every other disabled or low income person who cannot afford medical care. You pay for me. So why not create a system where you're also paying for yourself? If we all had equal access then eventually people wouldn't be just coming in for stupid shit because they'd be able to afford prevention. The EU runs better because they have preventative measures. You don't have to threaten suicide to get your insurance to pay for therapy there, it's just a standard of care. I have to go to a community clinic for therapy and unless I am actively suicidal, they won't treat my ptsd or trauma...just keep me edging and just well enough that I'm not a liability to them. (fyi I am not suicidal atm, but was all of 2019 and early 2020) Now I don't get to see a therapist every week. I get 1-2 per month. With wages what they are now, we should be giving at the min the first 2 years of college free (which imo should actually be gotten rid of bc no one needs gen eds...just teach legit hs instead of how to pass tests and get into college) and healthcare. Graduate programs are today what bachelors programs used to be. It sucks. Not everyone should go to college. We need people to do manual labor as well, and many are better at that than intellectual matters they don't care about, but NEED the papers to survive. Do you think the EU is democratic or do you think they are socialist? Because many, if not all of the countries offer those two things. And if you cut funding for health for disabled (it's already pretty bad) and poor, then you end up actually creating more issues because it's much harder to treat diabetes than to offer education to prevent it. It costs the country millions of dollars. So medicare for all is actually beneficial to the individual as well as the country. It would actually be a decently easy transition, long, but easy. *Also please don't take anything personally. I know my views are opposite of you so i feel the need to state a differing opinion, especially when I know how many lives could be saved; but mean no ill will towards you as a person.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uaD72WIycyA Pretty darn easy to shift blame, eh?
At this point people need to stop picking on joe biden yall already knew since the beginning that dude wasnt the president. He is a decoy, someone to point your finger at when the real problem is the democratic party. Its YOUR senators and representatives voting in these bad policies. If this dude got impeached that wouldnt solve anything he wasnt running the show. At first i thought it was nancy Pelosi but i think there are people even above her running the show tbh
@hell_hound7 Pelosi, while annoying, can deflect any shit thrown her way. She can handle herself with the press and interviews and can do so confidently. That's why she's in the position that she's in. She's reaping the benefits of that position what with the stocks and market information she and her husband have access to as well as anyone else on any one of those given committees in congress that can predict how the market is going to go from day to day or week to week with whatever bullshit they contract or push. The people who got her to that position, who funded her campaigns the most, knew what they were doing. Many articles have been coming out lately about George Soros spending billions of dollars in cities to keep Dems in office. Some keep pointing to him why the crime rates are going up, why they are calling for police defunding, etc. etc. I don't think Soros is the mastermind, but I think he and Gates are probably the closest people in the public eye that we can look to for influencing the way the country goes.
Also, if you want to go down some Shadow Government, World Order rabbit holes, stuff on Bohemian Grove and the Rothschild Family is always fun. https://youtu.be/nD_jWXQYNDQ https://youtu.be/3lDzuPPNgQY
I actually am rooting for the people who do stuff like this. I dont want a 3rd year of covid this has gone on too long https://youtu.be/AUxcQXD8MCA
Jan 09, 22 at 1:39pm
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