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Political rants


I didnt care until they mentioned little ceasers. The blasphemy

Jan 13, 22 at 3:02pm

The vaccine mandate has been struck down. I'm going to heart react to my own comment because I love this so much.

Jan 13, 22 at 3:29pm


"So successful it is turning high income neighborhoods to low income ones too"


May be dooming, but I think we can all agree on this regardless of our political stance.
Just know this is a secondary source, but he presents his sources in the video

Jan 14, 22 at 5:42am

Now that my country got a little closer to the US, they want us to have an "energetic answer" to Russia in Ukraine. WTF Ukraine has to do with a country that's almost at the other side of the world?

But the energetic answer will come when the US takes away their NGOs from the Amazon, stop playing against us in the UN's Security Council, reduce the taxes of our products, suspend the technological embargos in our industry and stop acting as if they own the three Americas. Also, transfer some of their technology for us, since they use one of our launch bases. But that'll never happen. Because our diplomats are divided between Pro-Murica and Pro-Russia/China monkeys.


Why tf are we still fighting with russia, trump got it right the first time the real enemy is china. They literally havent answered for this pandemic. And anyone on our side involved in that decision needs to be put on trial with death row on the table. They literally killed thousands.


Wow, strange video coming from a gaming channel. But yeah, accurate. There are tyrants among us and people are just starting to see that.




I still laugh at the fact 81 million people voted for biden and now has to watch as within one year the entire US has crumbled. 1 year. We still have 3 more to go.

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