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Political rants


Way i see it is, i already do these things for myself. Cooking, cleaning all that what does doing it full time actually affect?

Jul 29, 21 at 4:59pm

@hell_hound7 that's pretty funny. I don't mind the message of equality but the random rainbows do look tacky. They stand out too much and don't blend together


I dont mind people advocating for equality. I absolutely support equality. Just a rainbow on the street what does that actually accomplish? Why is that a thing? Its like telling people you are a vegan when no one asked you. Seems kinda pointless.

Jul 29, 21 at 5:11pm

Panda dissing Rainbow Road over here!


Video games appeal to the LGBT fantasy

Jul 29, 21 at 5:43pm

The problem I always have with discussions on equality is that they often only focus on what the man has that the woman does not. Women do receive special treatment that is not afforded to men. It makes them come off as only wanting to have our toys without sharing their own. This breeds frustration and resentment. Sure, when you're in a serious relationship you're batting for both teams so it's hard to loose. If you are not it just looks like you're being scammed.

A few non-subjective examples:
* Opportunity to receive scholarships.
* Amount of time off for having a kid.
* Generally more safety nets that provide security and stability.

EDIT: I should add I do support the notion of equality. I just don't think that's what's actually occurring.


Child support and custody is the biggest issue i feel in the family structure. Where its damn near impossible for men who legitimately want to be part of their kid's life arent given that chance. A man can also be put on child support for a kid that isnt biologically his.

Jul 29, 21 at 6:15pm

The teamwork dynamic has been highlighted here. I'm not trying to discredit the value of that, but the individual perspective does very much matter as well. Imagine telling a woman that equality does not matter because they can just exercise those powers in their teamwork dynamic with their spouse. Enjoy the new title such a line would get you. Yet, that's effectively the phrasing society uses to shoot down expressions of male discontent: "well, your spouse is benefiting therefore you are, you should be happy", "man up", etc. This is the more subjective and harder to quantify aspect of inequality in favor of women.

Jul 29, 21 at 6:19pm

@hell_hound7 Is the logic that the woman became dependent on the man and thus he has a duty to continue serving for their needs, which includes the child? That kind of makes sense to me, at least for a limited amount of time. It would need to be applied symmetrically.

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