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Mental Illness (Mental Wellness)

Jul 18, 21 at 3:44pm
This account has been suspended.

Very interesting videos on the dark side of social media moderation


Me realizing the emotional trauma from past relationships makes me subconsciously more afraid to put myself out there to meet someone, than i am to hook up with a complete stranger for one night



Aug 13, 21 at 9:42pm

ive one time thought about rong.. oh thats why, i want to kill myself always


Not really sure if this counts or not but got a traumatic brain injury close to 7 years ago (will be on September 8th I believe) skipping through a whole lot of that during that time I became quite isolated and with the mixture of my severe anxiety and depression running on both sides of my family I'm not sure how to get back into the world at this point.

When I originally got to finally being back to a bit of a more normal life (of fking course) the Pandemic happened, so with all of that mixed in I feel like I may have gone off the deep end in some cases before and during this current normal for the world.

(sorry if this is a bit of a jumble have a decent amount of that when writing and being up for about 3-4 hours so early in the morning doesn't help my functioning)


I think this goes here

Sep 03, 21 at 10:29am
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