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Mental Illness (Mental Wellness)

Sep 10, 20 at 9:53pm

I went through a phase of self harm where I would purposely do things that would always end in me being in a state of constant pain. I took anti-depressants but that just left me feeling nothing and then full of suicidal thoughts. I am over it now but that was during high-school when I was a loner, I couldn't talk to anyone so I would feel worse and worse until I found some great friends that helped me get over the anxiety. But that was the worst year of my life.

Sep 10, 20 at 9:55pm

me and veru are the oppisite. the pills i took growing up made me fucking crazy, i wanted to die. sometimes i hit my head on the wall. i wanted to be nub. tv was my only hapy memory.


What were you on, Siru? Did you have ADD/ADHD as a child?

Sep 10, 20 at 9:57pm

ya ritalen ond stuff like that. made me like a crack head.


My mom was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. Accompanied with crippling stress it has magnified over the years. Mental illness IS real people.

Sep 10, 20 at 10:00pm

just last night i had a ritalin med feeling where i felt strong voices almost well ya they were yelling at me at high volume. i was like this is what its like for the crazy people all the time.


Voices Siru? Do you have schizophrenia? Or was it possibly auditory hallucinations from something else?

Sep 10, 20 at 10:01pm
This account has been suspended.
This account has been suspended.
Sep 10, 20 at 10:03pm

i have weird things in my mind like a fork stabbing my eye and voices that stap me mentally real weird sounding. the pills i took growing up made me able to hear things that i wasnt suposed to though so thats a pluse.

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