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I love poland


I don't even know what to say this is just oof

Jan 17, 21 at 7:56pm

No one show up at the capitol im begging you. As bad as it sounds i dont want these dudes to experience killing one of their own. Its different when its a terrorist killing people because of some self-justified belief vs someone who is plain stupid and ignorant getting themselves killed over the inevitable

Jan 17, 21 at 7:59pm

All those dudes belong in jail. Zero pardons. It wasnt ok when BLM rampaged in the streets but at least they didnt storm the capitol building. Actions have consequences, you get zero pardons.


Exactly it doesn't matter what ur beliefs are or what the cause is doing things like that is just plain wrong

Jan 17, 21 at 8:03pm

The fact that innocent police men died as a result of that raid is dumb on its own. People with families, killed over just being there. No other reason than just being there.

Jan 17, 21 at 9:09pm

Most likely gonna kill him, i mean why wouldnt they? They already tried

Jan 17, 21 at 9:25pm

The interesting thing is that Putin sees no threat in him. Regardless of what happens, Vladimir Putin still has the popular support and Navalny doesn't stand a chance in an election, even a minor one. It is not Putin that people's eyes should be on, but rather the lower houses of the Duma. It is the same with Putin critic journalists in Russia. They criticize Putin on a daily basis, however once they take aim at the Duma then they start disappearing. These patterns are forming trends.

Jan 17, 21 at 10:50pm

The book depicts a dystopian United States in which private businesses suffer under increasingly burdensome laws and regulations.

cwat @siruboo commented on News
Jan 18, 21 at 2:11am

your living on a dystopian earth and i had a dream last light i was living like it and then veru was in my dream. i was like cool. arc was there too but veru is my fav person ever. sorry arc.

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