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Curious if any of you watch the news and what your sources are. I try to limit myself on how much news I consume because I know it's biased and trying to find an unbiased source for news is like finding a needle in a haystack. Having said that, post whatever news you want, that you find interesting. This is really just me being overly curious. My daily is Philip Defranco. It's quick and painless. I hate that he covers YouTuber drama like it's a gossip rag, but he tries to tackle the top 2-3 big news of the day. https://youtu.be/g7Jvzk0Irdo I also listen to the Joe Rogan podcast and it's pretty astounding if you can stay on top of them. He and his guest usually talk about things currently going on.
Rei @reisenpai66 commented on News
May 14, 20 at 10:17am
Journalism died with Kennedy pretty much. I dont really follow anything outside of the sources i see linked on discord and i take that with a grain of salt.
May 14, 20 at 10:18am
@Reisenpai66 So.... you gonna post some, or..... ?
May 14, 20 at 10:26am
https://youtu.be/xvQ1V2WLJt0 Working Woman Testifies About Reality Of Poverty In The U.S. < I can confirm Federally funded benefits such as SNAP do not work for people who actually need them.
Titi @alihawk commented on News
May 14, 20 at 10:36am
I also watch Phil every day. Another yt news channel I watch is Internet Today.
Not a big news person, but I mostly watch local news. Still, I'd rather find the most legitimate information.
May 14, 20 at 1:35pm
@melsterman1985 Local news and local newspapers I have found to be the most reliable and unspun sources of news. I still get the newspaper since it is the only reliable form of news out there.
May 14, 20 at 1:44pm
Red @redhawk commented on News
May 14, 20 at 1:48pm
I watch phill too
Rei @reisenpai66 commented on News
May 14, 20 at 9:07pm
Theres nothing worth posting tho lol.. i mean unless 4chan counts as a source of news. Also never seen phill.. whats his alignment?
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