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Yeah, I'm honestly really bummed by it all. I was SOOO into politics for the first time in my life. Bernie really inspired me and gave me hope for a better future. I wonder if he got too tired or something? It's the only explanation I can honestly come to terms with is that if for some reason he is sick or just decided he's too old to fight this hard.
He literally could have/would win...hands down if they allowed him to be the nominee.

May 16, 20 at 6:09am

I think it's part that but probably pressure again from the DNC to back Biden. I can't believe they haven't learned their lesson from the last time around. I don't see how it's possible but we really need to get away from the bipartisanism of our country.

poo @siruboo commented on News
May 16, 20 at 11:34am

all i know is the us has a powergrid that could fail soon and a big earthquake could hit the west coast soon.. and ivey and harley quinn kissed

Aug 06, 20 at 2:33pm

Former CIA Agent Mike Baker Talks Civil Unrest, Portland Riots.

Aug 06, 20 at 2:35pm

Jake Paul FBI raid for connection to Arizona mall riots.

Aug 06, 20 at 2:36pm

Beruit Explosion

Aug 06, 20 at 2:37pm

Beruit explosion happens during bridal photoshoot vid.


saw that, its insane how it goes from nice and peaceful to pure chaos in the span of a few seconds

Aleph-2 @alephy commented on News
Aug 06, 20 at 2:40pm

Most democrats in congress are not far left at all. Not even close. Alot, probably most of them are neoliberal corporate democrats.

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