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. @atom_kitty_kat commented on News
May 14, 20 at 9:16pm
Today on the news everyone died
Nat @the_noctor commented on News
May 14, 20 at 9:34pm
Breaking news. There is a high demand for strudels. Losts of strudel thefts have taken place in the city. Losts of citizens are panicking. We take you to Pete Pastry local owner of Pete's Pastries who lives in the pastry shop on Buttcheek Street, with his wife. This is how he expressed his situation. https://voca.ro/ds5anVTJE2o
May 14, 20 at 9:43pm
@reisenpai66 I think he leans left but he tries to keep his news unbiased and if he disagrees with anything he states his opinion.
Whisp @whispywoods commented on News
May 14, 20 at 9:57pm
This account has been suspended.
Phil is neat but the celebrity, popular Youtuber and Tik Tok "news" portions have gotta go. I also keep an eye on the Breaking911 account on Twitter which is good for some live updates. Sometimes I check up on /pol/ for that rare interesting post but 90% of the time it's just shizos sperging out.
From what I know NPR tends to keep it as neutral as possible. Another source that might be worth a shot it the Young Turks. They do tend to swing more liberal and will voice their opinions on the subject but they also try to reel things in and give the other side a fair shake.
May 16, 20 at 5:48am
Oh lord. The Young Turks... I listened to their shit some because they would talk about certain things but they are hard leaning left. 2 things that turned me off them pretty immediate: https://youtu.be/mgBjxuGcMDU Not only is she a hypocrite but she puts on such a fake persona I can't stand her. https://youtu.be/byJaLeslnIk Cenk vs Sam Harris, Cenk kept poking and poking to do a live debate with Harris, there was no debate, just a scorching of Cenk who had nothing to contribute other than his opinion.
This account has been suspended.
May 16, 20 at 5:59am
I can't vote Biden. I just can't. Probably won't vote at all, tbh.
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