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Coronavirus. Your thoughts? [Serious and Non-Serious]




So for all of you lovely people who thought the covid shot was one and done. Guess who's gotta take a booster shot in 6 months? And then another one every year. Sound familiar? Flu shot anyone?


Nah. I only got the first two to get the flow working in my immune system. Get some antibodies going. I'm not going to get the other ones. If I do end up getting it later on fuck it. At least it wont be like most people who get all fucked up and have to go to the hospital


Really? Daaaaaaa....Whoda thunk a vaccine has to be given every year? Daaaaaaa.... U meen duh virus won't jus disappear?

Seriously, who really thought it was once and done? Maybe if they listened to trump who said it'd be taken care of by last easter, those people I believe would think that.


How is the world still confused about things like this. Elementary questions and thought processes. I’m surprised I don’t hear much about Darwin Awards


Well, to be fair, there are a few vaccines that are once and done. HPV vaccine, for instance.


That is true yes. Covid was compared to the Flu, right? When it comes to symptoms? Not 100%, but was? It’s how I remember it when it first started. With that I kinda figured it will always be around and might have to work the same. Having to take a vaccine every year or something. I guess peoples want for it to end is just that strong. One and done for it’s compete end


I'm watching this. Fascinating and true↓

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