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Coronavirus. Your thoughts? [Serious and Non-Serious]


Ironically, I did see a facebook marketplace add that was nothing but dawn dish detergent and toilet paper. Guy was in it for the long haul.


Very bold assumption that scam calls have stopped...


^^^I have a new app that blocks area codes so my phone has been blissfully silent for a few weeks.

Got my second shot and developed an injection site knot larger than a quarter. It was super itchy. After a week it's finally gone down. I would call this a "reaction" to the shot. Other than that, I think the second dose affected Arc more than it affected me.


I get my second shot a week from today. Then it's two more weeks and I'm free.


Actually, you get a booster 6 months after your second shot. Then you are free....for another year and get another shot.


That's just how vaccines work in general


Yarp.... Seems like someone was stuck on the idea that it was a cure and not a, ya know, NORMAL VACCINE.

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