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The importance of Closure

Nov 18, 17 at 12:26am
For me having a sense of closure is important. If I am in a relationship and it ends I want to know why it ended. I want to know what I did wrong. If I don't know then how can I grow as a person and change? Most people I know that died was either a natural cause or it was a lifestyle choice that they lived and I've been able to deal with it well so far.
Closure is important, but you will need to have the capability to know if the closure you are given is the truth. Sometimes it's a lie to cover up the real reason they let you go so they won't come off looking bad. Other times it really is your fault, but you need to know if it is or not.
funny this thread comes up because i just got closure on something today and i gotta tell you lads, it's good stuff, 10/10 would recommend A+
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Nov 24, 17 at 12:30pm
Depending on the circumstances I think closure is important. However I think its equally important that we don't get closure mixed up with experiences or viewpoints that are not necessarily true. Interestingly enough theres a scale used for this called "The Need For Closure Scale" using the extremes given within the scale somebody weighing high on that scale for closure is usually prone to preferring order and predictability. Whereas somebody on the lower end of the scale would be more interested in fluidity and creative thoughts that don't necessarily follow any structured pattern or order at least in the individuals point of view. Keep in mind that those are the extremes and people will likely fall between those two. If you are interested in using the scale I have provided a link it will run you through a fair amount of statements that you can answer how much you agree with each one. http://www.midss.org/content/need-closure-scale-nfc
Dec 22, 17 at 7:25am
I tend to like closure to make sure something is done with, and that I can move on without hurting someone or making a situation worse. There have been many times when friends have slowly tried to pull away from me, and it's hard to differentiate that from when something suddenly comes up in their lives which makes them hard to reach. There's also been plenty of times which I just wanted to know what I did wrong so that I know whether it was something I did wrong, or something that couldn't be helped, so that I don't try to fix things about me which aren't broken, while not really being able to work on the actual issue.
When certain things happen, we demand closure. However, we don't always get it. That's just how life works. You won't always get the exact reason or a satisfying ending behind certain things happening. Breakups usually end without closure and you might never know exactly why it happened.
I see closure as a natural means to an end. As humans, we fundamentally want to do something, finish it, then move onto the next thing. Closure is the reward for our efforts on working on whatever we did and it serves as a validation and chance of reflection for our efforts. Think of it like feedback. When feedback is not offered after completing something, we're left wondering how we could improve, what we did wrong, etc. In the context of breakups, it's hard to better improve yourself unless you fundamentally know what's wrong and why your 'ship ended. I think it's important for the other party to let you know why things ended like they did, that way future relationships can be handled better. Closure in these situations only helps to better improve everyone involved. It's like an evolution of good nature.
I've always felt it's extremely important to get that one final answer to give that proper sense of closure and when you know everything is said and done with nothing to change then you can just move on with your life o/ That pretty much applies to everything imo.
People talk about closure to be something that will happen but sadly it doesn't always happen. I never had closure in life and still don't so I can't really answer.
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