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Mint Alicarth~

26 year old Female
Last online over 4 years ago
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And i surprised your hobby is programming. Im same also.
Hello im dominant guy and never mind on your gender. I requested friend. Im also like helping others. And we have common anime.
Feb 04, 18 at 7:19pm
Hello (っ^▿^)You seem to have a great taste in music and you seem very humble. I hope we can meet each other :D
Mint Alicarth~ @mintalicarth Sure thing, and thank you so much for the compliments!
Interesting idea! I've actually been writing down my thoughts/little stories over the past few years for a similar idea. I've always wanted to have a place where I could share and reflect over my various experiences in life, love, and the pursuit of happiness throughout my childhood/teenage trauma. I was going to call my book/blog "A Hand on the Glass", but I never had the time to get it off the ground. Nevertheless, I still scribbled down a couple of things for the project, many of them being quotes. You're free to use these if you'd like. You can credit me as 'Mint Alicarth'. "Life is complex. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes." "Keys can't open every door, but money always will." "Relationships are like a jigsaw puzzle. You shouldn’t have to sand the pieces down to make them fit." "Life's possibilities are endless yet they're so hard to discover." "What you're given doesn't define you. Your choices define you." "Society has difficulty accepting the people that define themselves. They only want to accept those which are defined by a collective conscience." "Happiness is relative to each person's definition of happiness; My happiness is not your happiness." As for charities, it would be absolutely amazing if you could donate a portion of profits to the National Center for Transgender Equality. Best of luck on the book!
I see closure as a natural means to an end. As humans, we fundamentally want to do something, finish it, then move onto the next thing. Closure is the reward for our efforts on working on whatever we did and it serves as a validation and chance of reflection for our efforts. Think of it like feedback. When feedback is not offered after completing something, we're left wondering how we could improve, what we did wrong, etc. In the context of breakups, it's hard to better improve yourself unless you fundamentally know what's wrong and why your 'ship ended. I think it's important for the other party to let you know why things ended like they did, that way future relationships can be handled better. Closure in these situations only helps to better improve everyone involved. It's like an evolution of good nature.