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Real Miku Hatsune

31 year old Female
Last online over 4 years ago
Seattle, WA
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kitarr @kitarr left a comment for Real Miku Hatsune
Jul 17, 19 at 5:06pm
Your pic is equal parts disturbing and intriguing. I can't seem to look away.
Nice ink I figured I would drop a line since your from close by. If you would like to talk I am open to it. I am looking to make some friends and meet new people.
Ah I wish I could take my cats on walks haha! I bought a cute leash for my girl who is VERY interested in the outside, but she hates wearing the harness =n= She's very good at wearing it when we go to the vet, though, so that's good at least! Meanwhile, I had a dream come true and set up these holiday blocks :3c https://i.gyazo.com/324b9ad1958c66e9bc9bcb5b421a016f.jpg