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How many genders are identified?

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Jan 04, 17 at 6:49pm

everyone knows Nox is the best

Jan 04, 17 at 6:52pm

i feel that if someone wants to be an agender, someone who looks androgynous then its fine
gender resides between your legs
and identity resides in your mind

i mean your kinda treading the line of saying being gay is a mental illness.....

Jan 04, 17 at 6:55pm

It doesn't hurt me, but it hurts the perception of people who have real body dysphoria. Real people who wish they were born in another body are not believe because special snowflakes want to make it seem like wishing you were a rabbit or because you're androgynous means you have another gender that is not male or female. Because of all these other people clouding up the definition of being transgender, the people who are suffering in the transgender community aren't getting sympathy from the people who disagree with them. Unless you can change the hearts and minds of people by garnering sympathy you're not going to change the hearts and minds of individuals who don't believe in you. But I'm sorry that I can't believe in non-binary people who believe because they look Butch or androgynous or because they're attracted to boobs or don't have sex on the first date that it constitutes another entire gender because they want to feel special. Because of the non-binary people who are doing it to be trendy who rebelled against the system, and those who are still sorting through their dysphoria and have found that an ambiguous sensation of dysphoria that hasn't been sorted through can be an entire gender... it makes trans women and trans men seem unbelievable. Because the prior conception was that people who are trans women were just slots or Damon and then it was some kind of sexual thing, now the consensus against them is that the same thing is still present but yet they're special snowflakes. We didn't have as large of a push against trans people until these non-binary things started coming up. If a gender has no expression in nature at all then it is not legitimate... half of these other genders are just physical appearance traits and the whole idea of gender being a social construct is entirely bullshit if you have gender based on your physical characteristics comma and yet they have people who believe in being 10% male 20% male 30% male 10% woman 20% woman 30% woman based on how feminine or masculine you feel good to know an entirely new gender? Even if the majority of how you feel about yourself lines with your own gender it should be something separate entirely? None of this makes sense. It's all people's feelings. And last time I checked the person who felt like it was okay to murder people ends up usually going to jail. Just because you feel like something doesn't mean it's right.

Jan 04, 17 at 6:55pm

Monica obviously you're not reading my posts. I said you can be transgender. I said you can be a trans male or trans woman because those aligned with the gender binary. I never said being gay is a mental illness, nor did I say being trans is a mental illness.

Jan 04, 17 at 6:58pm

The only reason why people identify as a gender or non-binary is because they feel like by doing so they are fighting against the system that they believe oppresses them, when the system oppresses everybody that doesn't have money.
If you want to wear feminine clothes and not identify as a woman, that is fine but that doesn't the note another gender. Personal preference for what you wear or what you conform to or what you like wouldn't be a gender. You need to have full body dysphoria that makes you feel like chopping off your boobs or your dick to be considered transexual...


Feelings < Biology or Feelings > Biology .... the "arguments" start there really. Not to mention there isn't a particularly handy way of telling offhand who identifies as what before using an "incorrect pronoun" (or other word). You basically gotta wait until you call someone "sir" and they go on some "did you assume my gender" bitchfit.

Like if you want to get the "insensitive" people on board the people bumping this whole 3539475934875 genders (and sexuality) gotta do a better job explaining this shit and not having it seem like its some bullshit out of thin air (unless it really is just pure feelings out of thin air).

These SJW types hurt us by exposing us to their end result of their logic (or feelings) and then scrutinize, harass, or engage in other negative behavior based off of us not understanding something that isn't all that well explained or that doesn't seem like its out of thin air. Because I know the "but you hurt us by your lack of understanding" or something to that effect is coming.... we're not the ones who created this mess ... you (feeling gender supporters did)... for thousands of years humanity was perfectly fine with two genders ... until the past like 10 years or so.

As free as the feeling genders are free to feel and identify how they wish - others are also free to feel differently and identify based on biology (something much more noticeable and apparent).

Jan 04, 17 at 6:59pm

Basically all of these non binaries can be boiled down to a knot conforming and wanting to break gender Norms, or feeling like you're some certain percentage between male or female, or some kind of physical characteristic that you want to be able to put on paper that differentiates you from being a regular female or male, or your sexual preference traits.

Jan 04, 17 at 7:02pm

Basically social justice Warriors are cultural Marxist that believe if they can break the system they Could reconstruct it entirely from the ground up into their vision. While their end goal might seem to be really idealistic and probably a positive, their means do not justify their end goal. If you want to break the system to eliminate class structure then you're going to have to find an entirely different way that doesn't Garner you this much out laugh and push back period basically I've read into social justice Warriors and they want to break the system to eliminate the idea of class and identity by using identity politics and controlling language. If they can do that then they could eliminate being rich being poor being middle class being white being black being male being female to create a society where everybody takes part in the society and benefits from it. And there is literally no way that social justice Warriors are going to do this, too many of them have lost sight of the end goal where they have gone what seems like being insane over these and feel like a lot of what they're saying is actual trespasses and prejudice against others and feel the need to attack others on it. All that's going to remain from the social justice movement much like the black lives matter movement is going to be sentimental at most

Jan 04, 17 at 7:05pm

I mean what social movement has ever worked where you try to get people fired, scream and yell at people when you don't get your way, boycott things you wouldn't buy and pressure people to fire people or to get rid of something because you don't like it, rewrite science and rewrite politics just fit their narrative. I have never seen a single social movement that has ever worked by making enemies of everyone. While guarding not a single iota of sympathy from anyone other than those who prescribe to their train of thought. It isn't entirely crappie movement with a mob like mentality that is trained to find issues with everything and anyone that doesn't conform to their worldview

Jan 04, 17 at 7:06pm

ok, honestly? yeah i havent read it all, just skimmed

this is just one of those things we'll never be able to convince the other on
we shall agree to disagree
my final note
aslong as your happy and no one gets hurt, im happy for you

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