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How many genders are identified?

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Originally there were only two, but as society progressed (along with it's problems) more were made up to compensate and justify dissorders.

My question now would be, how many genders do you folks believe to be out there? I once read about a youtuber claiming that there could be 3 billion on our observable universe.

Jan 04, 17 at 10:27am

your mom is one of them too.


i believe there are only two, male and female. all the talk about being genderfluid and demi-queer and whatever else makes no sense. usually im for people being whatever they want. if your gay fine. if your a guy wanting to be a girl (or a girl wanting to be a boy) fine. but this literally makes no sense. unless you have both girl parts and boy parts your whatever is on your birth certificate.

Tiger Festival commented on How many genders are identified?
Tiger Festival
Jan 04, 17 at 10:34am

OMG not this shit again.

Jan 04, 17 at 10:37am

Jan 04, 17 at 10:38am

^ thin manly lesbian. yes.


i dont mean to trigger anyone thats just how i feel

Jan 04, 17 at 10:39am

Jan 04, 17 at 10:40am

seriously though

idc what you feel like aslong as your happy and no one gets hurts

Jan 04, 17 at 10:40am

Two. As many of the gendered traits come from biological sex and social behaviors that exists only to those of that biological sex. We see the same thing in the animal kingdom only see the same thing with humans. Yes in the binary system you can still be friends. You can be a trans woman or a trans male period but all these other made-up genders that go on feelings kind of disenfranchised a real trans women who are struggling to get awareness for being transgender. As everyone else thinks they're trying to be like a squirrel or some kind of animal can or some shit like that. There's only two genders and nothing else will convince me otherwise.

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