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How many genders are identified?

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what about those with an extra chromosome?

Jan 04, 17 at 6:23pm

Fuck you Rob, there are not only two genders
physically? yes there is only a penis and vagina
but Agender people do exist aswell

Jan 04, 17 at 6:26pm

Don't even start on all the sexual/romantic preference subtypes. You need a 20 volume encyclopedia set to keep track these days. Back in my day when online dating started, it was so much easier, everyone was pretty much straight, gay or bi.

Jan 04, 17 at 6:26pm

Jan 04, 17 at 6:28pm

just because the minority act as special snowflakes

don't mean everyone does

Jan 04, 17 at 6:41pm

Since I want to be a loli, can I identify as a lolisexual?

Jan 04, 17 at 6:45pm

I guess since i want to be rich and envy imortem joe, im imortemgender richsexual?

Jan 04, 17 at 6:47pm envy imortem joe...????

and thats a bad way of looking at it
these people FEEL this way
and besides, how does this hurt you in the slightest Rob?

Jan 04, 17 at 6:49pm

Monica, all these people who believe that they are non-binary are just struggling with body dysphoria, eventually every single one of these people end up choosing to be a man or a woman. Just because of your dysphoria you don't feel like you're a man or feel like a woman or because on every other day you feel like a man doesn't mean that you're another gender. Gender has entirely a biological expression. With mammals we have distinct behaviors that you see only in men and only and women. Yes people can be trans but they want to be one of those 2 options. So they try to emulate those social behaviors. Just because some people which equates to less than a percentage of the population don't feel like they are a man or a woman, doesn't legitimize anything. Heck if you're not binary what surgery do you need to have your gender match the biological sex you wish you had? Real body dysphoria that people that are transgender experience is a physical Sensation that you will have, it is a physical discussed you will have with your own body which leads to low self-esteem and heavy depression. And I've read in many social justice circles and in many trains of thought from feminism and non binaries, they believe you don't need body dysphoria to actually validate your experience of being transgender... you can't say that you're another gender unless you have that uncontrollable urge or it to hate your body. And with these non binaries they are either doing it to seem trendy or haven't shifted entirely through their dysphoria. This for you can even become and 4/9 trans people. Dysphoria is a common thing that teenagers have where they're discovering themselves. And just because you look androgynous or that you don't have sex on the first date does not constitute a gender

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