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How many genders are identified?

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^I'd avoid being too political although im not sure one can avoid politics with this kind of topic since gender/sexuality is political now thanks to the left. Also the SJW's lack the knowledge or ability to actually make their visions and thoughts come to fruition. They do have passion and a willingness to not stop which in a vacuum is a good trait.

Most of these people hate the 2nd Amendment which would empower them and prevent further marginalization
Most of these people probably don't vote or have a candidate that really supports them to the extent they want (or understand how our government really works)

SJW's take what would otherwise be a (pretty) universally accepted premise and through their execution of their ideals make people think they're bat shit crazy because they just have to take things just too far (or at least too quickly)

Jan 04, 17 at 7:10pm

its easy to be like
but when you meet an agender you see its not just a fad
and to call it a mental illness like BDD is very insulting

and yes some want to be a special snoke flake about it, who doesnt want to be unique?

Jan 04, 17 at 7:13pm

a better topic is why feminism is good

men say "suck my dick" everyone laughs
i say "suck my clit" and the room goes silent >.>


Pretty much what its like is what religion is to atheists. Picture those who bump the non gender binary as the religious and those who stick to the binary as the atheists.

If someone starts quoting bible verses and stories the atheist is going to ask (among other things) "what (scientific) proof do you have of this". Likewise those who believe in the established gender binary are going to wonder "what exactly (scientifically) defines a particular non binary gender".

Jan 04, 17 at 7:16pm

that was so surface-level that I heard the entirety of this site headslap when they read that

Look at what intersectionality and sjw shit does


Feminism was good ... once upon a time ... those first two waves. This third (or are there more hell if I know) wave just kinda killed the idea of feminism being a purely good thing.


Man hits woman - he's scum of the earth he should be burned with 1000 coals and be castrated

Woman hits man - meh no big deal, laugh/joke about it, ignore it, tell him to suck it up

(Yes I'm well aware this could be back and forth between double standards detrimental to men and women - part of my point actually)

Jan 04, 17 at 7:19pm

This topic got large...

Jan 04, 17 at 7:22pm

modern-day feminism has just gone around scaring people into thinking the entire system is working against women to benefit men. They perpetuate that women get paid less than men even though men dominate the workplace at most places, which doesn't make sense if capitalism is as corrupt as it is. They say we live in a rape culture and yet rape statistics are at their lowest in years, even prime is going down in Detroit against women. And you see them basically going around making stuff up to help their cause, we see them trying to shoehorn gender and identity politics into TV shows and media for diversity sake, and we see them trying to make enemies out of everybody that even criticizes one of their ideas. You don't like sexist air conditioning, or how if men and women are equal women should be given a lower standard to join the police or the military or to be a firefighter. Modern-day feminism has just told women to be victims and a blame men for everything bad that has happened to them. It is not empowering women to feel like they are strong, it is telling women that they are weak because of the system and that they can achieve anything because of the system. Despite the fact that we have women high up in military positions and political positions, we have female CEOs and jobs that lot of women will do that pay extremely well. A woman is not beaten for being raped in this country, we don't see women being beaten for not complying with Society like we see in Saudi Arabia, or in Muslim countries. I follow Islam, the same religion that many feminists claim is a feminist religion. Modern day feminism is a joke. It is a joke that spreads misinformation.

They should teach women that they can be all that they can be, they should teach him and that if they try they can become CEO of multi-national corporations, they should Empower women to show them if they put in a lot of effort that they can be police officers and firemen, that they can be more than just a baby maker. But all I see them doing these days is demanding that men and Society changes everything to benefit women rather than empowering women to earn it themselves like every other member of society yesterday. I can't support that.


Also in typical MO fashion it got pretty derailed from the OP (although by MO standards not terribly far) although it was on topic for quite awhile which is impressive enough.

Jan 04, 17 at 7:24pm

Honestly I think it's a better thing to point out that we can actually have these political conversations without it becoming a shitstorm where people are trying to get everyone else banned or doxing

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