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How many genders are identified?

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@Maria define "correctly", with our very diversified world today one word Doesn't translate the same always. In some cultures it's ok to stone people to death but others not so much(just an example).

But she is right and that applies to both sides.

@snake they are just examples of things that look a certain way but is or isn't something-_-

Jan 11, 17 at 9:39pm

Sorry but I don't believe in different meanings of words. In this case, though, I mean living up to the way they expect me to accept their condition. Correctly act according to them, which is relative.

Jan 11, 17 at 9:42pm

theres both. guys with man vaginas and theres regular

solid_snake95 does this mean I win?

Jan 11, 17 at 9:47pm

do you have a man vagina?


@mariahaise but would you agree that people set up unrealistic or outlandish expectations for people that could be detrimental to people's body, mind, or soul(religion)/conscience(science)? Perfect is a flawed idea as nothing can ever be perfect but polished .


@Siru N-no. Is that a requirement to win? If so then dang. I really wanted that stuffed crust pizza.

Jan 11, 17 at 10:01pm

in robot calculatons you need one to win

kaizu™ commented on How many genders are identified?
Jan 11, 17 at 10:01pm

I second "whatever" long as you're happy and not making things miserable for everyone else (cis or not). But everyone needs to grasp reality better. Unintentionally messing up your "identity" is not disrespectful. Now it IS a problem when people are harassed or poorly treated. Especially when denied medical care or the damn bathroom thing. For real, nobody cares about that...its taking a piss. Let's get along please.

Especially here, we are all otaku's in a sense...what we have in common should be more important than our differences here of all places.

Here's my opinion piece:
Again, personal opinion warning...this is coming from an intersex male (one who could care less for "triggers" and sjw crap). I'm not trans at all, but I certainly "get it" since I have to be on hrt for low levels and had a few traits more akin to females (pre puberty only). I'm physically male (but technically I could identified as female too if you examined my chromosomes- XXY). If I didn't say it you'd never figure it nowadays since nothing about me is physically different from a cis dude (yes, I have male junk and can reproduce too...before someone comments or asks I'll just put that there). But this crap makes me feel obligated to stick up for those who are elsewhere (I hate seeing them get told It's all in their head) usually its more then that.

Having a genetic mutation proves that there can be an "in between" in regards to gender in humans wouldn't it? Hell, that's how evolution works...and I know that most won't have a mutation like mine, but who's to say mutations don't play a role in the mind development of trans folk? Especially those who do transition and never have any issues afterwards. Just a thought...

You don't have to know or even agree with all this to get along (even I don't). So I will never get all the drama surrounding it lol. Still, its not that hard to respect one another and that's all there is to it imo.

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