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Old User Apology

Hello Maiotaku It is good to see this site is still around and kicking along with it's familiar faces. I'm a old user writing to apologize for my actions and character years ago. I went by The Crossbow, Crazymuhfuggah, Phates, Ithurts, and such. I'm hoping I didn't leave a impression but if I did I'm here to apologize. Before I start I wanna say that I am greatful for the time I spent here all those years ago. And, I would like to thank Maiotaku and it's users for putting up with me for as long as they did. I had fun. I enjoyed keeping up with everyone, posting, trolling, and just learning about others in a shared interest community. I regret how much of a distasteful and intrusive user I was. And, would like to apologize again for any and all trouble I may have caused the site and it's users. I've spent a considerable amount of time alone learning to contend with my illnesses. But, always looked back on my time here fondly. Even though I wasn't the greatest of users I felt a sense of community here. So, thank you Maiotaku community for the many fun times. I was a severely troubled young man back then. Thank you for allowing me to express myself and tolerate it as long as yall did. I'm greatful for your understanding during that time and apologize for my many self serving posts. I honestly needed a place understand myself. Thank you all for providing that. Sorry for all the attention seeking behavior and trauma dumps. My official diagnosis is Schizoaffective Disorder. But, I been in seclusion battling narcissism for 5 years to the point of schizophrenia. I have yet to go get my self evaluated for that condition though. I would like to thank you all for pushing me away when you did allowing me to learn about my self without needing validation. I've learned a great deal about myself through years of seclusion to contend with my illnesses. If it's alright with everyone I would like to rejoin the community and be a active poster again. I am again sorry for all the trouble I caused back then.
Mar 30, 24 at 9:14am
Not sure who you were or how you were, some names seem vaguely familiar, just not relevant to me... Soooo... Welcome back? Either way, glad to hear you're on a healthier journey.
Mar 30, 24 at 10:31am
Welcome back o/ It's probably something that happened before I got here so I have no idea what happened. But it's good to hear everything is working out for you.
@yaasshat Thanks glad to be back. I remember most of you. Though we didn't always interact I did alot of talking at people instead of talking to them. Good to see you though. I remember you giving me some pivotal advice one day but I was to young to understand at the time. Can't recall what it was but I know you were right. Thanks for that. Anyway, I'm surprised alot of you are still around. How's life treating ya? Hope your well. @rtae86 Thanks man. Yeah, I was active round 2018 - 2019 so I don't think we've meet before. Nice to meet you though. Hope your enjoying your stay. You watch, read, or played anything good lately? Anything you excited about?
Mar 30, 24 at 3:05pm
Pay me no mind, I'm always giving unsolicited advice(I should probably take my own advice, half of the tine.lol) .lol Hopefully your journey of self healing continues going well, though.
@yaasshat Lol it be like that and much appreciated.
We have definitely never met before, but welcome back! And I am glad you have started a positive and healthy change to yourself...after all, it's better for someone to be sorry for the wrong they did or may have done than to go through their life never realizing what they did was wrong (at least to me). And you don't need to ask to come back ^^, anyone who truly wants a second chance I think deserves one! I'm gonna stop talking now as I feel I talk too much, but I hope you find plenty of good friends or just acquaintances here!
Mar 31, 24 at 10:05pm
I remember you very well. I'll advocate on your behalf but if I see any of the old stuff it's the axe. https://media1.tenor.com/m/qveYvC2GWZYAAAAC/cartoons-axe.gif
Welcome back! Tbh a lot of the old user base barely get on anymore, myself included, and yes I do remember who you are but everyone has their crazy moments. Heck I know I said some crazy shit before.
Apr 02, 24 at 10:41pm
I am glad to see you in a healthier headspace. Let this be the redemption ark we've been hoping for from you. You seem better prepared to grapple with it these days.
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