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Best video game of all time

Feb 03, 23 at 4:17pm
Heya guys, mind sharing what is your favorite game of all time/best game of all time in your opinion? Really curious to hear your opinion.
Free fire
Modern game, I'd have to go with Conan Exiles. I enjoy the combat specifically with it and the purge system. For nostalgia reasons, I would go with Legend of Dragoons. I loved the QTE combos.
Scaler on PlayStation 2. I wish for a remake <3
I feel like it could be something even more with how the gaming industry is now
The hardest question of our age. I personally think that the main issue is we have so many genres. I mean how can you compare the likes of Gran Turismo to Sonic the Hedgehog? You can't, it's apples to baseballs comparison. I think that there needs to be a best game for each genre. My personal list is as such. The rules are that it is based off of the release version. Anyone can keep patching a game until it no longer resembles what it originally was. No mods, they change the game completely from the original product. Platformer: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 + Knuckles FPS: DOOM Beat em Up: Guardian Heroes JRPG: Panzer Dragoon Saga Fighting: Tekken 3 Rail Shooter: Carnevil Survival Horror: Resident Evil 2: Remake Adventure: Legend of Oasis Sports: Punchout (Wii) Racing: Crash CTR Party: Mario Party 5 SHMUP: Gate of Thunder RTS: Steel Division 2 Open World Sandbox: Minecraft Puzzle: Tetris Plus Simulation: Panzer Front
In terms of story: xenoblade chronicles 3 In terms of combat system: sekiro
I should correct the approach. Story: Dragon Age. Physics: Skyrim. Gameplay: Terraria. Combat: Callisto Protocol. Music: Terraria. Curly: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R. Free Point: Borderlands
Quick and fun easy plays on PC: Plague MD Papers Please Death Coming I'm sure I missed some, and I have quite a collection but these stood out by list or memory that I could access. **oh yeah, Assassin's Creed Origins for PC, BEST story of AC line, AC Odyssey is fun but still need to finish and I also have AC Valhalla to play as well.
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