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There's a beer out there for everyone. If you like flavors, Blue Moon has a good selection. I personally like Stella Artois and Modelo. Stella is a bit lighter so it's more of an everyday beer for me. Modelo I like to have at specific times because the taste is a bit heavier and goes good with some food.
Nov 21, 22 at 7:41pm
I've never been a big fan of beer personally, i just don't like the taste of hops I think. I'm not sure if it's an acquired taste or something because the more I try it the more tolerable it becomes but it's still not something I go out of my way to drink. I know I made the mistake of trying IPAs, it's basically what I dislike in a can lol. I've tried some craft beers, bud light, IPAs, miller light and Budweiser and it just never sat right with me. Bud light makes those cherry coke seltzer things and those are pretty good ngl, but that's the only thing I'll really choose to drink in terms of beer.
Haha. That was me. You are talking about the one with the Goblin Helmet right?
I respect the person wearing the Zidane outfit. FF9 fo' Life!
I have a character on Ship 2 if anyone is still playing. I play late nights to early morning EST.
Modern game, I'd have to go with Conan Exiles. I enjoy the combat specifically with it and the purge system. For nostalgia reasons, I would go with Legend of Dragoons. I loved the QTE combos.