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I’m bored recommend some good animes

Idk what else to watch I just finished Spy X Family 10/10
All I hear nowadays is Chainsaw Man, but what about Weed Wacker Woman?
If you've never seen K the anime I recommend it, it's kind of a hidden jem really. The art style is pretty dope and the storylines pretty good imo. Gate is pretty good too, it's about what if a gate that opened to a fantasy realm appeared and if some military decided to invade it. The show involves a good blend of politics and action, so if you're bored I'd check those out if you're interested.
Nov 24, 22 at 3:13am
mushoku tensei
There's a pretty damn good one getting plus points in my book. It's *my* opinion after all, so it does matter, and everyone asked for it by the way. I'll be fucked if it wasn't good. But try "Outside" it's an anime except it's not and it's real. Few steps closer to the door and we're free! If you catch my drift
https://i.imgur.com/LOycIWh.jpg Devil Is A Part-Timer got a second season this year. Watch that if you're inclined.
Shimoneta is pretty hilarious
Try Boku No Pico.
I fully recommend Re:Zero it's amazing!
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