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cyberpunk edgerunners

Oct 01, 22 at 12:20am
A place for people to talk about cyberpunk edgerunners together.
After playing the game, I expected more dance/techno/trap. They took the soundtrack for the anime in a completely different direction and I'm pleasantly surprised for it. https://youtu.be/43d0Jq1XKXI
Oct 27, 22 at 1:09am
If they ever made a second season of cyberpuck: edgerunners what do you thinks it would be about?
Dunno. But I hope it's a more complete, fleshed out, and higher budget story. Edgerunners was good but it's like they tried cramming in a lot in very limited time. It was good enough to be slightly painful though. It could hit harder. https://youtu.be/Q8gvxzLg7j4
https://youtu.be/gdPsngJxzcI https://youtu.be/r0k7gJVNlKE
Dec 10, 22 at 10:45am
I signed up for the Cyberpunk custom PC that Microsoft Rewards was doing. Sure hope to God himself that I win against all odds
Apr 06, 23 at 2:52pm
The only anime that made me cry. That fucking song makes me sad everytime I hear it
Apr 06, 23 at 3:26pm
Was a very good show. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
I feel like Rebecca should’ve gotten a happier ending then what she got T-T I feel like she suffer more then enough being in a one sided love and watching that love go so far for someone else…… but then again watching her go that far for someone is what made me like her even more.
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