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Give your honest opinion about the person above

Don't really know that much about you, but you seem like that person thats not an introvert but still lonely. The type of person who gets ignored when speaking in coversation, but still tries nonetheless. I do have to respect the fact that you are a moderator on the most unhinged "dating site" on the entire internet, and I appreciate that you have banned multiple people that have done wrong on this site.
@trongx I have never talked to you personally, but you seem very honest and have pretty good communication skills given your Profile description. Also know that there is nothing wrong with playing with beyblades at age 21!
@projectotakux To me you seem like you’d be fun to hang around with. Especially when doing things arts and crafts related! I also feel like you are adorably weird/awkward and would be the type to ramble excitedly (without knowing) about topics you like to someone (I find that cute ^-^), oh! I also think you’d be someone who’s constantly doing something or moving around, whether it be little art projects or going outside on a walk or to anime conventions you love to get out and do things you enjoy
https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/793/473/d76.gif I am flabbergasted! Thank you! and you seem very kind hearted person who always looks after those she cares about a lot (online and offline)
Dagger, out of all the known moderators, appears to be the most professional with exception to a couple others like Chocopyro or Charles. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png My observation is that he comes across relatively serious to a fault, but text based communication can't fully express another's tone. From personal experience I've paid a price in lost communication with people because of my words being perceived as cold or meanspirited. This may be a similar case for Dagger. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png Personally I haven't had any qualms with the man...yet! https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png I know they like Metal Gear and that's a bonus point for good taste. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png He can be highly opinionated, however they seem fairly patient with hearing another's view, so long as it doesn't come across as poorly researched. Then Dagger might be curt with their response. Not Aleph degrees of peremptory, but brusque nonetheless. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png If I could some up Dagger's personality on MaiOtaku with one word it would be "magisterial."
Haven't been around long enough to form a decent enough opinion, but I'll do my best, based on what I know... He has a rather unique sense of humor. While most I know had either humor or kindness to others, Gabe has both, and has an understanding of when and where each has its place. Which to me, shows a respectable intelligence. He also has good taste. Whether it be games, or whatnot... A good man right here. I believe that he can be a great friend to those who allow him to be.
Seems like a very intelligent, respectable and humorous person. Seen a few memes they posted and ended up laughing for abit. All in-all Solid fellow it seems.
You seem fun. I just did a deep dive on your wall and pics. Apparently we joined the site around the same time. Max loved you. You knew Daggera, Xy, Maria, Mariahaise, freaking Sunflower. Yet I don't remember you. Wtf. You seem like you have a good sense of humor via what I could gather. And smart. Maybe a lot going on IRL? That was quite a hiatus.
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